The Mission Ball

Torrey Babb is also a graduate of The Ambassadors’ Academy (#3). The ministry our LORD has entrusted him and his wife, Heather, with is The Mission Ball. To read more of this missionary’s heart please check out Keloland Television where there is also a video clip.

Here is a part quote from the Keloland Television interview:

Because the Mission Ball is a non-profit group, the Babbs rely on donations and ball sales at Christian events like Lifelight to fund their trips. And now they’re planning their biggest one yet.

“Our goal is to bring 10,000 Mission Balls to South Africa during the World Cup,” Babb said.

Fans from all over the world – people who love soccer – converging in one place. Seems like the perfect opportunity.

Dave Eggen / Inertia Torrey Babb hopes mission balls featuring Biblical messages will be used on soccer field all over the world.

“It’s a once every four years, where the world does come together,” Babb said. “Every language will probably be represented, and it’s just an amazing chance to spread the gospel. Not just with the people who are attending the World Cup, but working with the local villages. And maybe the people who you won’t see on TV, when the games are being televised. Maybe the villages and the little shacks that are a mile away from the beautiful new stadiums.”

Please pray for God to draw and send forth the correct donors that will sponsor the mission balls for God’s Kingdom.

Here is also an article from Living Stones News titled – ‘Mission Balls’ are tools to reach others for Christ.

If you would like to help, go to or check it out on the Web at

You can help reach the world with Christ through Mission Balls.

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