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Reaching the lost world for Christ Jesus

WELCOME to our Missions’ page for the 2010 World Cup that is taking place in South Africa. There are Nine Provinces in South Africa, of which only eight are being allocated soccer matches during the World Cup Tournament scheduled to take place from June 11 – July 11, 2010, LORD willing.

All provinces have been allocated a link here together with Neighbouring Countries as we are to be lead of the LORD to minister in the regions HE determines for each of us. Under each region you will find informational links and data to help with understanding the area you are in, there will be soccer fixtures (if applicable) to assist you with the mission outreaches on match days and other day-off missions as well as links to our friends’ ministries who preach the true Gospel according to Jesus, being Law and Grace. Get connected and be plugged-in with believers in Christ who love the LORD and love being His vessel to reach lost souls for His Kingdom.

If ministries are interceding as prayer warriors or are graciously supplying the needs of those out in the LORD’s harvest field then you will not find them under any specific region – they will be posted on this page.

Let us faithfully labour together for HIS GLORY until HE Returns!!! 


Eastern Cape

Free State





North West

Western Cape


Northern Cape

Neighbouring Countries

Here under are the ministries that will be in the provinces preaching the Law and the Gospel of Grace and those ministries that have come alongside this ministry to assist, to provide and to labour in our Lord’s harvest field in one way or another. Please visit the links under each banner to obtain more information pertaining to the ministries listed. The links pertain where established teams of evangelists are gathered to Go to the stadia in those regions:

Gauteng / North West

Gauteng / North West / Western Cape

Gauteng / North West

Gauteng / North West / Western Cape and the rest of South Africa

Gauteng / North West / Western Cape and the rest of South Africa


Gauteng / North West

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