World Cup Outreach ~ Rustenburg Market and Pretoria

This video is from our time at the Rustenburg Market when we went and ministered there on June 19, 2010 and at Loftus Versveld Stadium in Pretoria later that night.

World Cup Outreach ~ Gauteng

Five of us began the day at Bethel Chapel with Brother Syd Warren who assembled twenty Saints together to hear a message from Brother Tim Crawford of Lost Cause Ministries. From there Warren & Sandra Joubert from Vanderbijl Park, SA joined us at Ellis Park Stadium to preach at the USA vs. Slovenia game.

The above video shows the ministry that took place leading up to kickoff. For about two hours thousands of tracts were distributed, the Word was proclaimed by several of us and many conversations held. The fans, especially many from the USA, knew that the true and living God had His Ambassadors there proclaiming His salvation alone in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

World Cup Outreach ~ Durban

On Sunday June 13, a group of evangelists met on the Durban beach front to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the hands of our foreign visitors and the locals leading up to the Germany vs. Australia match taking place in the evening.

A friend and I travelled down to Durban from Pietermaritzburg to meet up with Brother Glenn Smith and the other evangelists who would be arriving during the course of the day. We handed out many tracts and had some meaningful witnessing encounters all to the glory of God our Father. Although there were many people caught up in the occasion I found that there were alot of German supporters and Australian ‘Roo supporters that declined the invitation to receive the Gospel in tract and conversation form. However, there were those who did receive the Gospel – both foreign and local people alike.

German supporters received ‘Der Kaizer’ German Gospel Tracts

I had three very meaningful conversations (not that any are unmeaningful) – one just outside the Fan Park entrance with three male youngsters that were ‘strutting their stuff’, topless and muscular, Warren and friends, who were jovial at first, but became very ‘poker-faced’ and sober once the Law and Gospel of Grace were shared with them. They agreed to check out what I had shared with them. I encouraged them to read the Bible and see that what I had shared with them was from God’s Word.

The two other conversations were both with Roman Catholics – Yvonne (middle-aged) just inside the Fan Park entrance and Franklyn (middle-aged) awhile later who was handing out pamphlets warning against Drug Abuse. In both witnessing encounters the conversation revolved mainly around sinful man, confession to the priest and Jesus Christ our Advocate. As I shared with my friend later, the previous night I had been reading the Bible and I felt the Lord impressing upon me the highlighting of Matthew 23:9 ~

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

This was the foundation of the witnessing encounters and both parties agreed to read and test what I had told them about Roman Catholicism. Please pray for Warren and friends, Yvonne and Franklyn. All praise, glory and honour to our God – our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are some praise reports for our Awesome God from our team that gathered in Durban:

It is always a glorious time spending time in the vineyard reaching people for Christ. Bev, my wife and I came down to the beach front together. We are just sorry that we came down so late, as I had a preaching appointment at 1030 and only got home at about 1pm.

I found that most people were receptive and only had one encounter of total opposition to the gospel. Of course the greatest blessing was actually giving the gospel message to various nationalities, and found the most receptive recipients where the African folk from South Africa. I had a most interesting chat with a Moslem man from India who was a physio-therapist in Durban. He gave me his business card and requested that I contact him to pursue a further discussions with him. I praise God that, the door to a staunch Moslem has been opened.

All praise and glory to God.

~ By Ronnie Geel


Thanks so much for your part in organizing the outreach!! God is so good! David and I both had an awesome time sharing with people. Some were in too much of a hurry to chat but said they would read the tract. We both had several others who listened and agreed they were concerned about their eternal destination. One of my favorite moments was sharing with a group of four teenage girls from Australia. They started off joking around but when I got to the point of asking if this concerned them they were all very quiet and serious. They had obviously got the message and I trust they will take it further and make a solid committment to Christ!!

Our friends Daniel and Richard who also helped hand out tracts also had a good response. They handed out a large amount of German tracts and said they loved them.

Again thanks so much for letting us be part of this!!! I apologize for the brief report but we are in the midst of a week long vbs we are running at our church. I knew if I didn’t do this now it would likely get missed in the busyness!!!

God’s richest blessings!

~ By Krista Meisner

Here are also some photos that you can view at this gallery.

German Gospel Tract – Front

Back – Read the Gospel in German

— ooo —

The Score Board

Sunday June 13

C : Algeria 0 vs. Slovenia 1 ~ Polokwane

D : Serbia 0 vs. Ghana 1 ~ Pretoria

D : Germany 4 vs. Australia 0 ~ Durban

Monday June 14

E : Netherlands 2 vs. Denmark 0 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

E : Japan 1 vs. Cameroon 0 ~ Bloemfontein

F : Italy 1 vs. Paraguay 1 ~ Cape Town

World Cup Outreach in Cape Town

Here is a short e-mail received from Brother Nigel Titus in Cape Town. They have been out evangelising the streets of Cape Town since the evening of Thursday June 10th. A full report will follow, but here is something to rejoice about. Hallelujah to our King:

It’s been simply awesome. I’ve uploaded some photos of our outreach on FaceBook:

One of the highlights was of a fully fledged Muslim (Tariq) who heard the gospel and repented in full public view of everyone. Praise God!

A Muslim named Tariq (red beenie) repenting before God in public

 Here is also the Gospel Tract in French for visitors to read in their native tongue.

French Gospel Tract - Front

Back - Read the Gospel in French

We will also, hopefully, record all the soccer scores under “The Score Board” with a video link to highlights of the game. We hope that this feature will draw unbelievers to this website so they too can receive the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and see how the Blessed Son is glorifying His Father God Almighty through faith and good works that He has given to His children. May we continue to serve our King clothed in His righteousness until He returns.

— ooo —

The Score Board

Friday June 11

Opening Ceremony ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

A : South Africa 1 vs. Mexico 1 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

A : France 0 vs. Uruguay 0 ~ Green Point, Cape Town

Saturday June 12

B : Korea Republic 2 vs. Greece 0 ~ Port Elizabeth

B : Argentina 1 vs. Nigeria 0 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

C : England 1 vs. USA 1 ~ Rustenburg

World Cup Flags in Johannesburg

I can think of many other ways the money spent on these flags could have been spent more wisely. I wonder how many Gospel tracts and Bibles we could have bought – that would feed the multitudes spiritually. And how many orphans could we have housed, clothed and educated?

for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. ~ Matthew 6:21

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? ~ Matthew 16:26

Chronicles of some fishers of men (Part III)

Saturday June 5th, 2010

A friend and I took to the streets at the Harry Gwala Stadium where a Carnival was taking place welcoming Team Paraguay to the uMgungundlovu District Municipality. We never got to see the team or the foreign supporters, but we had a wonderful time witnessing to the locals and proclaiming our Lord Jesus Christ to the multitudes that turned out on the day. It was truly a blessed day for our gracious God – we handed out between 700 and 800 Maradona tracts.

Gary witnessed to Wendy and Goodness and his friend witnessed to the two youngmen

At times large groups came to ask us for the tracts – some mistook them for tickets to get into the stadium, but we assured them that they were not tickets, but a Gospel tract that explains that they need to get right with God and they need to repent of their sins and trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord was using the foolish things of this world to get His Word of Truth out. Even after explaining the tracts to them and that they were not tickets to get into the stadium – they gladly received them. You can view all the photos at this slide-show or check out the photo gallery (Parts 1 to 3 of this series).

We raised the level of our voices to let people all around us know that we were there to proclaim Christ Jesus – and tracts got into the hands of young children, teenagers, youth, adults, security, SAPS Law Enforcement officers, Carnival participants, passing vehicles and bikers …

It was truly a blessed time all for Almighty God’s Glory. Paul and I rejoiced – we had a wonderful time serving our King.

Chronicles of some fishers of men (Part II)

Monday May 31st, 2010

Today, after my secular work I returned to the pedestrian crossing at the show grounds. I took up my spot on the opposite side of the pedestrian crossing under a street lamp as it was getting dark early this winter evening. There was a muslim man named Mohammed selling some lumination toys on the sidewalk, so I witnessed to him and I also witnessed to a hindu woman and her daughter selling candyfloss – they would all be sharing the same street light I stood under to read from the Bible and proclaim the name of Christ Jesus. I handed out some tracts and warned those passing by of Judgment Day and the Way to escape eternity in Hell is by coming to repentance and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. The message – If you are not a Christian you cannot be saved. The evening was slow with not much foot traffic, but those who heard the Word have much to think about.

Wednesday June 2nd, 2010 

Witnessing to the Xhosa man Nyathi opposite the Royal Show

My son Chad joined me on the street opposite the Royal Show grounds this evening under the street light as we handed out tracts. Tonight God allowed me to have a wonderful witnessing conversation with a Xhosa man named Nyathi. He was passing by with his young son and by the time we had finished doing business with God, he was in agreement that his life had to change – please keep him in prayer and all the others mentioned.

Reasoning with Nyathi that he is to repent and believe in Jesus Christ

I also proclaimed Christ and Him crucified to foot-traffic going to-and-fro and had the honour of a white woman walk-by and yell out – “Give it a break, will you!” [In the words of Mark Cahill from his book “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven” – “‘cha-ching’ (like a cash register)” as we store up rewards in Heaven].

If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the Spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: On their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. ~ 1 Peter 4:14

Preaching the Word

Friday June 4th, 2010

This evening many young people, especially teenagers received the Gospel in tract form and by the Word proclaimed. Some short conversations were had and many teens looked bemused, blank-faced and surprised. Tonight the Royal Show had a Rock Concert on so they were all dressed up – and some were dressed down – and ready to party!! A group of young men came by, and it was evident they had already started the party a while back. They were already tipsy – alcohol was definitely causing them to be loud. One guy was more than tipsy – he was down right drunk and when I was telling them that they will have to face a Holy God on Judgment Day this boy boisterously says: “My dad’s a pastor!” I told him that he was not bringing honour to his parents and especially his dad by his drunken behaviour and that I wouldn’t be speaking to him, but will be reasoning with someone that makes sense, one of his friends. That rebuke quietened him down some what, but they were more interested in getting to the Rock Concert than hearing the Word of Truth. We know one of his friends heard a large portion of the Gospel and we pray and believe that the Word of God went forth and will accomplish what God has prepared it to fulfill. Pray for the youth, and adults – especially drunken parents – around the world that they will not sell their souls to satan with their lust for alcohol, drugs, fornication and dressing immodestly.

All for God’s Glory

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