The Royal Agricultural Show 2016 Evangelism

2016 Royal Show Logo It has been a long while since we have reported what has been taking place in the local harvest field only by the grace of GOD. Our outreach at the Royal Show this year took place on the 28th and the 30th May and the 3rd June 2016.

Praise GOD – this year the security guards gave us a rest. Marius, Jono, my wife Tammy and Gary handed out Gospel literature and the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was lifted up!

Spoke to a Muslim man named Saayheed (?) who agreed to have a discussion on camera if his face would not be shown. Well, he allowed his face to be shown when he decided to move off camera. The conversation really took a turn when Saayheed denounced that Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD and that he does not believe in being “born-again”! Saayheed then hastened to end the conversation. It is clear that Islam does not serve the One and Only True and Living GOD of Creation Who is revealed in the Holy Scriptures, GOD’s Word being the Bible!

The discussion together with part of the open-air preaching which followed can be viewed on the play-list hereunder:

Other conversations were also had, especially with an Indian hawker selling avocado pears named Roy, who is backslidden in his faith in Jesus Christ. Gary shared the Gospel with Roy dealing with the severity and mercy of GOD our Saviour Who is angry with the wicked every day.

11  God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. ~ Psalm 7:11

A day or so later Roy was presented by us with a whole list of printed Scripture verses and a new Authorised Version (KJV) Holy Bible – he agreed to take it and read it!

Pedestrian crossing preaching Cee-Jay next to a RooikatSergeant Padayachee second right

On day 8, Gary took his wife Tammy and grandson Cee-Jay into the Royal Show Grounds. Gospel tracts were handed out as we walked in and around the stalls and a long discussion was had with a Sergeant Padayachee as we discussed the Naval Marines and its disbanding. He also willingly showed us around their displays explaining how the Army is now involved in fighting the rhino poachers in game reserves. Whilst in an ops-vehicle Gary then after relating to the dangers of being in the military transitioned to the Law and Gospel of Grace of our Great GOD and Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, after finding out that Sgt Padayachee had a Roman Catholic background.

We humbly request all believers to join us in prayer for one-another and for those who GOD has ordained to hear the Gospel of His Son Jesus.

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Soli Deo Gloria

Royal Agricultural Show 2014 Evangelism Report

As in previous years the Royal Agricultural Show (RAS) appointed a security company – this year being Superior Security – and it didn’t take long before they were up to their harassing tricks again. Day one on Friday May 23, 2014 was incident free with Gospel hand-outs and open-air preaching. Had about three hours of mission work with many people taking tracts and even the South African Police Services’ (SAPS) Mounted Regiment passed by and did not object to the presenting of God’s Holy Law and His perfect Justice to come on Judgment Day.

However, come day two, whilst Brothers-in-Christ Rory and Gary laboured distributing Gospel literature and doing open-air preaching, just shortly before contemplating packing up after about three hours of mission work, we were approached by two Superior Security guards. They informed us that Mr Strachan, CEO of the RAS management, had told them to come tell us that we cannot be doing what we are doing as we are in an area that the RAS has paid for, being the public pavement and the municipal road. Gary informed them that we had the same situation last year being told to leave preaching on the opposite public sidewalk that was closer to the RAS main entrances, but after consulting with a SAPS Law Enforcement officer, we decided – in the spirit of keeping peace – to move to the opposite side of the road, where we preached unhindered for the remaining duration of the Show in 2013.

This year we decided to set up where we ended off last year to avoid the “expected” harassment again only for the security company to again come to our new spot to try shut us down. Gary had to give these new officers another lesson in where boundaries start and end, where their jurisdiction is confined to between their client RAS and themselves, what constitutes public domain (common property) and that they could not “buy the use of public sidewalks and roads” – if this was the case we would like to see the “purchase agreement” and also a copy of the by-laws that we were supposedly breaking. We were threatened that we would be physically moved, “carried away up the road or the police will cart us off, but today we were going to be moved – one way or the other!”

Gary explained that they as security guards had no jurisdiction over “policing” public sidewalks and that as they were threatening us with having the SAPS called we were prepared to wait for them to validate the infringement upon our “Bill of Rights” – freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. It was also pointed out to them that the “constitutional rights” exceeds any by-law that infringes upon one’s rights where a person’s basic freedoms are violated and also by them doing what they were threatening to do, they were also infringing upon our consciences, whether we should please God or man;

Galatians 1:10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

We were also willing, as the apostle Paul did to plead to a higher authority. And so wait we did. Gary also pointed out that the “land” they were referring to does not even belong to the municipality, but it all belongs to our Father – all of it! In fact, He owns everything even the whole universe! At this point a third security guard who had arrived, the older of the two – both are Caucasian, said, “Do you mean Jesus Christ?” Gary said, “Yes” and that’s when they said that He too is their Father! Whilst we tried to get some consensus here, Gary was also told by the younger guard that he thinks he knows everything, to which Gary did answer that he was employed by a legal firm so he does have some knowledge concerning these legal aspects. It was at this point that the young guard told Gary to “shut-up”! He asked him what he had said, but he didn’t want to repeat it, but said, “You know what I said.” So Gary said to him, “If you are a Christian how can you say to your brother shut-up?” We found out his name to be Ryan and Gary introduced himself and then when Gary wanted to refer to the Bible, Ryan said he didn’t want to hear what he had to say – in fact he said Gary is evil!

Then, these two security guards turned their attention on an African man named Jim (from his accent he could be a foreigner) who was selling animal-print table cloths, just trying to make an honest living. They threatened him to take his things and leave because he shouldn’t be selling on the sidewalk. It was at this point when they grabbed his rug-sack and his merchandise and started man-handling Jim, Gary urged Brother Rory to video the incident, but we noticed another older white couple who had seized the moment and had a camera out taking footage. Bear in mind, the man-handling was taking place by the very persons who professed to be Christians who said they knew “God as Father!”

While we continued to wait for the police to arrive from inside the RAS grounds, Brothers Rory and Gary prayed to our Father for the door of evangelising to remain open. Then eventually the SAPS officer came across the road at the traffic light, and Rory recognised him as Captain Dhayaraham; they had previously worked out together at a local gym. The first thing the Captain says to us is that we are preaching the Gospel and then he asked if we were using amplification/sound? “No.” Are we downgrading the show? “No.” We were just preaching the Gospel and what is in the Bible. We then discussed the perimeter fencing, boundary lines, public pavements, our rights under the “Bill of Rights”, and other religious faith issues. In short, he agreed we were not in violation of any laws and we were granted permission to continue preaching the Gospel of our Great God and King Yeshua Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

All Glory to God as Rory and Gary rejoiced as God had heard our prayers and ordered the steps of this particular officer to come and address the situation! Once the situation was resolved, we extended our hands to the security guards who heard it first hand from the police they called that we were going nowhere today. God had kept the door open and we were not confronted again by any “authorities” when the Gospel was preached. We had our brethren uplifting this particular evangelism mission in their prayers, and so the fulfilment of the following Thessalonians’ Scriptures came to pass:

2Th 3:1 Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:
2Th 3:2 And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.
2Th 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

Here are a few short clips of the last two days of the Show from Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st. Much Gospel literature was handed out and the Words of Truth and Life were proclaimed publicly to all to hear. We pray God would use the seed sown to cause dead souls to be born-again..

Incidentally, the same SAPS Captain shut down a reggae music group later on Saturday afternoon, yet came over to Gary to ask where Rory was! All praise be to God!

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Royal Agricultural Show 2014 Evangelism

Royal Show logoIt is that time of year again – the onset of winter and the Royal Agricultural Show has come to town at the Royal Showground in Pietermaritzburg. This is an opportunity for evangelising and handing out Gospel Tracts to local and visitors from various parts of South Africa and the international community. The Royal Show runs from Friday 23 May to Sunday 1 June, 2014. Please join us in prayer and on the streets as we proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ to this generation. We will also definitely open-air preach to the foot traffic in Commercial Road (Chief Albert Luthuli Road) outside Gates 1 and 2 [see (E) on the Map].

To visit the Royal Show website, please click the banner above, or Here.

The Times are as follows:

OPENING TIME: 09h00 daily

CLOSING TIMES: Friday 23 @ 18h30, Saturday 24 May @ 20h00, Sunday 25 to Friday 30 May @18h30, Saturday 31 May @ 20h00, Sunday 1 June – Ukhozi FM concert only. **Please note all halls will be closed on Sunday 1 June.

Lord willing, we hope to see you out there labouring with us. To join us please contact Gary Crous on 072 221 1233.

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