Brothers on Mission

There is nothing sweeter than the fellowship of brothers walking with our Lord Jesus Christ in His harvest field. During the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa, four brothers from two continents prayerfully backed by their brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world proclaimed the Law and the Gospel of Grace to the hoards of local and visiting soccer fans.

The Word was proclaimed and preached to a dying, dark world. The Light entered into a spiritually dead and hungering vineyard, and we believe and trust in the Name of Jesus that God’s Word went forth and accomplished what He had sent it to fulfill His purposes.

From the time I fetched Bill Adams and Thomas Nunes from Oliver Tambo International Airport there was a togetherness that was evident. We would all be learning as we got to know one another better and also glean from each other what God had already prepared us to learn. My lesson to be learned up front would be patience. To drive and negotiate the Johannesburg traffic with the additional complications of roads being closed around the stadia we would visit and the “endless” roadworks was a definite test. The first trial was when I picked up our brethren and upon trying to negotiate the roadworks at the airport to get to the currency exchanger we were “swung” out onto the highway leading away from the airport. Patience and a few kilometres of the “scenic route” and we were back on track… mmm … patience.

Union Buildings group photo

Let us also not forget our most wonderful hosts who truly have servant hearts for our Lord Jesus, in the families of Michael, Natalie and their two young sons Caleb and Calvin and Grenville, Ruth (Michael’s sister) and their two young sons Joel and Nathan. Their hospitality to us leaves me – and I am sure the brothers, too – speechless, but rejoicing in Jesus. It was truly how the body of Christ should function. The fellowship, prayer and morning devotions were sweet to the soul. Michael Rogers heads up Living Waters Africa, so most mornings we would stock up with Gospel tracts in his study from where he runs the ministry. He was also kind and gave us many discounts and we also thank Grenville and Ruth for purchasing us some tracts, too. We love you all.

Bill and Thomas are true Ambassadors of Christ who are truly on fire for the preaching of God’s Word and engaging in conversation, with the lost and also amongst ourselves. What I was challenged by most of all with Bill is his many, many questions. Here is a man with a servant heart and a probing mind that had me tested to the limits. He is a brother that wants to learn as much as he can from his brothers and sisters around him, and I really enjoyed his probes. It had me examining myself and searching for the correct answers. In our Q & A sessions he also ministered into my life. Thank you brother and I look forward to labouring with you for our Lord Jesus.

Bill and 357 days to go

Thomas, my room-brother, is a gentle and prayerful soul. He is a brother that has a heart for the lost who not only went the extra mile with his time spent with the lost souls, but made the added effort of taking down many, many, many names that would later find their way into his prayer journal. This brother is a kind man whose love flows towards mankind and children. I saw this trait in Bill, too, the way they spoke to the young sons of our hosts. For Thomas, being an ex-Zimbabwean, he found himself witnessing to many Zim-refugees at the plaza in downtown Johannesburg. I believe this was an appointed time by God for Thomas to be used of the Lord to minister into their broken, poor, sinful lives and those who were encouraged as Christians, too.

Thomas preaching

Later in the week our brother from Badplaas – Willem Pretorius arrived and joined up with us. Here is a brother who we are sure God challenged and brought him to a place where he exceeded unchartered territory. Here is a young man who has a passion to learn and please God and who broke the sound barrier by reading Scripture and preaching the Law and the Gospel of Grace for the very first time in a public forum. An Ambassador of Christ who stepped out of his comfort zone – and who nearly did not join up with us – and allowed the strength of Christ to overcome his challenges. Thank you Willem for your obedience in joining us in our Lord’s harvest field.

Willem preaching

What was also a precious few days was that Thomas travelled from the USA and he got to see his brother Dilip (Botswana) and his dad Mr Nunes (Zimbabwe) who travelled to Johannesburg to visit. A reunion after five years. A wonderful work of God’s Hand bringing family together.

Family Reunion

All Glory to God for the time we spent lifting up the precious Name of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. As you can see from the posts hereunder from the FIFA Confederations Cup there are many witnessing stories that have been related to and there will be more to follow.

Under the Photos tab above there is a link to our photo gallery that reflects all the photos from our time on mission. We hope to have a video that captures the full extent of the mission up here in the near future.

Bill Adams – Confederations Cup Report – Saturday June 20th

Entry from Bill Adams:

Saturday was a return trip to downtown Johannesburg.  What joy.  Standing in the same plaza proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord.

As it turned out we stood on a famous corner outside the Supreme Court building.  The corner was where the city was initially founded in 1886.  A statue of Carl von Brandis, the first magistrate of Johannesburg, is there.   Apparently he governed the city until 1900.  He must have done it well as the city has survived for 100+ years now.

Von Brandeis Staue

In spiritual terms when you go into a city to preach you go to the center to attack the spiritual powers & principalities that control the city.  So by God’s grace we had arrived at the city center.

In all candor my mission is to stand in a city center & preach as boldly, directly & long as possible.  This was accomplished today; even more so than Friday.

The boldness encourages the Saints & the directness challenges the demonic spirits in the area: those dwelling in the people & those governing the area.

Willem Preaching

The longer you can go the greater damage you do to their power.  The Bible says that preaching is the power we have been given to tear down demonic powers & principalities.  Paul says in II Corinthians 10:3-5 that our power is not carnal but mighty in tearing down spiritual strongholds.

THomas Preaching

So I was able to proclaim the Word for a long time.  You can look at the pictures to see how simple this is & what is surrounding me.

One brother from Zimbabwe began to stand beside me & listen.  He was a pastor & was encouraged by our presence.  He helped me by interpreting the invitation from me to people to pray for them.

Several people during the day asked to be prayed for.

Willem witnessing

At about 4:00 PM we departed for Ellis Stadium.  Gary adroitly navigated us into a parking space near the stadium.  The four of us journeyed to the stadium chatting along the way.  During the travel is when the comraderie is further experienced.

Chatting about whatever comes to mind & recalling the events of the day is what we do for as long as we walk & ride.

We arrived at the stadium about 5:00 PM.  We walked to the Shell station across the street from the stadium to get a Coke.  Gary stopped along the way to witness to a man.  Thomas talked to some people at the station.  Willem & I, undeterred, got our drinks & snacks.

As we stood around waiting on Gary there were more opportunities to witness to passersby.  It truly never ends until you are home.  Because of God working through us & around us at all times when we are out every moment is a witnessing opportunity.

Willem & I went back to the corner where Thomas & I were Wednesday night.  Immediately we began preaching.  “Are you a good person” from Willem; “The goodness of God” from me which of course ends with “Jesus Christ is Lord”.

The police coming & going, fans, stadium workers all heard the Word.  No one talked to me but several paused to listen.  Even those who don’t stop but are standing around hear.  The Word is sharper than any two edged sword cutting asunder to the bone & marrow (Hebrews ).  We can’t underestimate to power of the  Word prolcaimed.

Ultimately one of the workers gave us two tickets to the game.  To me this is a witness from God; what you learn is that people will give you something as a sign that they are impacted from your preaching.  Some people give a smile; some give a word of encouragement; some a dollar; generally I take whatever one offers because God has convicted them to give.

After we were done, Gary & Thomas used the tickets & Willem & I returned to the Shell station for coffee & more fellowship.  Even here we are witnesses & our presence reinforces the message to those who heard us in the streets.

Word travels fast amongst the security that preachers are in an area, others who have noticed us as we preached & maybe in the store see us & the message is reinforced to them.

Bill Adams – Confederations Cup Report – Friday June 19th

Entry from Bill Adams:

Friday there were no games so went to downtown Johannesburg all day.  Normally as you enter a new area you drive around looking for the “right” spot.  A location that has heavy foot traffic & is in the center of an area.

By God’s grace Gary drove us to the exact location in Joburg that fit this description.  In fact, a parking spot opened as we approached it & on Friday there were few if any parking spots available downtown.

The location was at the corner of the South Africa Supreme Court building.  There was plenty of space on the corner, it’s always good to have space because you don’t want to encroach on people’s daily routine any more than necessary.  And there were plenty of people.  The day’s business brought many people across our path & refugees from Zimbabwe were there too & able to listen.


Zimbabwe refugees

So the three of us, Gary, Thomas & I, hopped out of the car & began preaching, distributing tracts & talking with people.

Normally when you begin preaching in a business day environment it takes a little time for people to respond.  They seem to have to get used to your presence & then some listen while others walk up to talk.

Thomas & Gary have shown expertise in getting a crowd of 5 – 10 people around them as they preach & teach.  And today was no exception.

Thomas with crowd

I, quite frankly, see the behavior of the people as spiritually based (we are temples of the Holy Spirit or some other spirit, but temples of spirits nonetheless) & prefer to preach on in an attempt to break the spiritual power over them.

bill preaching

The refugees were in a hopeless place.  They fled Zimbabwe looking for work & of course there was seemingly no work for them in Joburg.  It’s heart breaking that men, made in the image of God, sit idly waiting for something or someone to help.  Where is the determination that marks so many other men?  Why would they give up?  The hope of our hearts which pushes on onward is Christ in you, the hope of glory.  They needed Christ in their hearts.  So I preached on.


The Methodist church down the street was housing 2,500 of them.  I’m sure there was some source of food for their bodies but they needed food for their soul:  Christ in their hearts. So I preached on.  Men don’t need more information they need the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin & to convert them.  So I preached on.

Paul said I wasn’t sent to baptize but to preach the Gospel.


We were there until about dark.

Thomas Nunes Confederations Cup Report

I came to South Africa not being sure what to expect. I thought it might be like preaching at 5 points in Atlanta. But it was different. When I started handing out tracts people were very receptive  to taking a tract. Then others would come and also want tracts. Most of the people that I asked if they would answer the most important question at the back of the tract were willing to answer.


Thomas Report I


One morning after dropping Bill Adams at the conference that is strategizing for the outreach  during the 2010 World Cup soccer we drove past Loftus Stadium where we had been witnessing a few days before. I asked brother Gary if we could stop or walk around the stadium. Gary as is his usual self graciously stopped in front of the Stadium. Now that the games in Pretoria were over we could get right close to the Stadium. I didn’t know if the Lord wanted us to walk around the Stadium and claim the attendees for  the Lord or we were just there to see what the Stadium looked like as a type of tourist. 


Well, there were many security guards at the gate and I started talking to one  young woman named Sonia, she was probably in her early 20s. I gave her a tract, and asked her if she thought she would go to heaven if she died today. She gave me a solid ‘yes’ but didn’t have a good answer as to why. She said she was a good person. So, I proceeded to give her the good person test from the back of the tract. She soon realized that she has broken God’s laws many times. She soon realized that if she was to be judged by God based on the few commandments we had gone through that she was guilty and would in fact go to hell. This was a big turn around in just a few minutes. Knowing she was not defending her sinful position I proceeded to explain the gospel to her. She could now see why Jesus had died on the cross. She could see that he had paid the fine for the sins she deserved. I explained she needed to repent for her sins before God and commit to walk after him and read her bible as a thank you to God not to try to pay for her sins. Jesus had paid for it and she needed to acknowledge and receive this gift and turn from her own self sufficiency. She seriously said she would read her Bible and consider all we had talked about very seriously.


Thomas @ Stadium


I turned around and saw brother Gary talking to another security guard named Simon. I went by and listened to Gary explain to Simon the same things I had done to Sonia. Simon who was jovial at the beginning started pondering the things that Gary was telling him very seriously. He began to agree that he had sinned and that Jesus had died for him. After Gary had completed he smiled and sincerely thanked Gary for sharing with him.


Gary @ Stadium


Just then Wilem returned from the main office where he had sought permission for us to go into the Stadium to look at the soccer field where all the action had taken place a few days before. Well they turned him down. Simon hearing this said, no, we could go into the stadium. He directed the 3 of us to go around in a different direction so that we could actually go into the Stadium and even onto the soccer field. Well, so we did. Along the way Willem spoke to lady that I thought might try to prevent us from going in. She took the tract and had a bit of a chat with Wilem about the tract and did not voice any objections to us going in.


So, we went into the Stadium and onto the field. We praised the Lord on the field and took some photographs of each of us standing and ‘monkeying around’ under the goal post. Blessed be the name of the Lord, the most high God. We were able to share tracts with many of the security guards and we were able to go inside the Stadium just as little extra blessing for our human side. 


Thomas in stadium 


It is a privilege to talk to many who are willing to talk and listen and to admit they were wrong and misinformed about whether they would go to heaven or not.

Live Report from Confederations Cup

Entry from Bill Adams:


Missions trips consist of three areas:  ministry, fellowship, travel.


The ministry time so far has been divine.  Thanks to the steady hand of Gary Crous who has patiently driven us we have proclaimed Christ at three stadiums & downtown Joburg twice.  


Gary has made possible for Thomas & me to cover many areas which we would not have been able to if we were here alone.  I can’t emphasize this point enough:  the grace Gary is showing to us strangers (Matt. 25:35) is a divine gift.  His heart to serve is to be emulated by each & everyone of us as we interact as the body of Christ.  Otherwise we are clanging gongs & brass symbols.


All three of us therefore have preached to the locals in downtown Joburg Wednesday afternoon for three hours.  


It was a beautiful site as Thomas witnessed to many, Gary began distributing tracts & drew a large crowd to whom he presented the law & the Gospel.  I was able to simply read through the Book of Luke for three hours.  Many were ministered to; many encouraged; others seemed stunned & confused as to our presences; others told us of their ministries.


Thomas - Joburg I


Then it was off to Rustenberg for the game between Bafana Bafana (the South African team) & New Zealand.  There is much zeal for the Bafana Bafana.  Fans cheering, blowing vuvuzelas and wearing the national colors.  


Gary expertly navigated us so that Thomas & I got out of the car to walk to the stadium.  Security is very tight in terms of allowing vehicles close to the stadiums.  So we walked several hundred yards and set up outside the gate.  


We preached & Thomas distributed tracts for two hours  Agaiin it was so beautiful to stand in the midst of thousands of fans proclaiming Christ even in the dark the Word of Light penetrated the hearts of the hearers.


Many responded with hallelujah & at one point ten teenagers surrounded Thomas shouting the name of Jesus.  Even the police heard the Word.


Gary was posted where he let us off &, by God’s grace, was able to distribute tracts & converse with those walking to the stadium from that direction.


One other note is that whenever we have stopped for gas or to get a soda Gary & Thomas immediately begin talking with the men who pump the gas & work in the stores.  They patiently share the Law & the Gospel with each.  It’s heart rending to see these two Saints boldly & joyfully proclaim Christ.


Yesterday we did a doubleheader:  first game was the USA vs. Brazil at Pretoria & the second game was Egypt vs. Italy in Joburg.


Ah such grace.  Gary astutely got us down to the main pedestrian gate for the first game.  And for 90 minutes we preached & distributed tracts.  This picture of of Gary witnessing to a fan.   


Gary - Pretoria I


What else can be said that Gary & Thomas spoke with people, distributed tracts & boldly proclaimed the Truth for two hours.  


Candidly, we do the same thing everywhere we go.  The only thing that changes are the ears that hear the Word & the eyes that see the Ambassadors of Christ.  Our mission to sow & water as much as possible & that’ll always be our mission.


Then yesterday concluded with Thomas & me preaching for 45 minutes at the Joburg stadium.  Traffic was terrible from Pretoria & around the stadium otherwise we would have arrived in plenty of time.


But nevertheless thousands of fans heard the Word.  One of the policemen spoke with me along time.  He was so encouraged to see us.  He even noticed how when the Muslim fans passed me they began to blow their vuvuzelas to drown out the Word.  


Fellowship:  the great intangible is the fellowship.  When you spend 16 hours a day with people you have plenty of time to get to know each other & the Spirit works to connect our hearts.  Man, this is the sweetest part of missions.  I already miss these guys and we are only three days into the trip.


Each of us has his personal testimony that is shared & that brings a variety of perspective & passions to our time & outreach.  See, this is what you truly pay for when you go on a missions trip.  You can minister anytime, anywhere, but you can’t create the fellowship except in this intense environment.  So I whole heartedly encourage you to sign up & participate in the sweetest gift of our Christian faith this side of heaven.


Bill & Gary - Pretoria I


Travel:  Ah.  The travel.  For Thomas & me seeing the sites of South Africa has been wonderful.  We’ve been in three cities so far; seen the Capitol in Pretoria (where we met two American missionaries); seen the countryside & heard the history of South Africa from Gary.


Pretoria I


He’s a native.  He calls himself a South African & takes great pride in the national sports teams.  Gary was born in Cape Town & now lives in Pietermaritzburg near Durban.  He loves his country & shares his passion for it with us.  


Travel I


Travel also gives a glimpse into the lives of the people & into God’s hand. 


Pretoria II


There is more to come later…we’re off now to Joburg & the game tonight at Ellis Park Stadium.  

UPDATE ~ FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Here is the proposed schedule of the evangelism outreach for the Confederations Cup that starts in nine days time, Lord willing. We will be at the event from June 16 to 25 and we request that you will kindly keep us in prayer during the duration of our stay and also the time that we are travelling to and from the event. We are praying for God to be exalted and worshipped and many, many souls to be caused by Him to repent and believe the gospel.

People need Jesus and there is no other way to salvation and eternal life. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6). The Word also says: He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him (John 3:36).

We also thank Michael Rogers of Living Waters Africa for opening his home to Bill Adams, Thomas, Willem and myself for the duration of our stay. Also thanks to our sister Elizabeth Eager (Ambassadors Academy #1) for her help. May God Bless your faithfullness in being available for His Glory.

All other biblical evangelists please do get in touch with us. My contact number during the outreach is 072 221 1233.

Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone the glory).

FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009

Here is an update in respect of the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009, which e-mail Bill Adams has sent out on his mailing list. Things are definitely coming to a head and it is ALL GLORY TO GOD HIMSELF!!! Further reports will be posted here so please check back.

Sports Fan Outreach International: Super Bowl XLIV Outreach Newsletter

Edition #11
May 21, 2009


Two of us from Atlanta are departing in a month for the Confederations Cup Soccer tournament in South Africa. The Confederations Cup is the preliminary event to next year’s World Cup being held also in South Africa.

The World Cup is the absolute largest sporting event on the planet. Thirty days of games throughout the entire nation.

God willing we are going back next year & this trip is to gain an understanding of ministry in South Africa.

Watch the Confederations Cup promo video to get a sense of the excitement & then register to go with us.

Confederations Cup Video Marketing Promo.

We are meeting with a brother in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gary Crous, who has been to the Ambassadors Alliance training & communicated with me after being interveiwed by Tony Miano on his blogtalk radio show.

Here is a promo for the World Cup.

World Cup 2010 video.

And for South Africa itself. South Africa video.

It’s going to be an amazing time. Register today.

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Pastor Clark gives another call to holy living: “Glorifying God in your body“.

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All the information & registration information is here: MLB All-Star Outreach.

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Grace, mercy & peace,

Bill Adams
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