The Gospel Starts with the True Nativity of Jesus the Messiah

The Lord Jesus Christ being a Jew in His humanity under the Hebrew calendar fulfilled YHVH’s feasts:

* Born on 15 Tishri (Feast of Tabernacles)(September/October) GOD with us.

* Crucified on 15 Nisan (Passover-Feast of Unleavened Bread)(March/April) GOD for us.

* Gives the Holy Spirit on 5 Sivan (Feast of Weeks (Pentecost))(May/June) GOD in us.

In GOD’s prophetic calendar there is no 25 December Christmas! This is a man made tradition and custom holiday! Go figure!

Read your Bible to understand. In the words of Jesus the Messiah:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth. ~ John 4:24 KJV

TSDN 045 – What Is Wrong With Gambling?

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Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are addicted to gambling. They carry this burden with them each and every day. They take their hard earned money and gamble it away. Upon realizing what they have done, they venture into debt trying to make up for the money they have lost. While trying to make ammends, they manage to deceive themselves into thinking that they can win and so they take the money they have borrowed and gamble it away. And this is just a beginning of their miserable life.

Unless intervention is made many will either be killed by illegal loan sharks for failing to pay or they will end their own lives. This is a life one should avoid altogether, should they wish to have a promising life .

Pyramid Schemes

Another financial virus which in a way…

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The Cloak of Hypocrisy

The weapon which the enemy uses to overcome the human race is not easy to detect unless one knows what to look for. When the serpent met Eve in the garden of Eden, he used his greatest weapon that could defeat the human heart and mind and that is deception. There is no other way to win the heart of any person except for to deceive them if you knew that they are not likely to accept you. I believe that a few people in the world would follow Satan if he just came out and said, “Hey everybody, I am the devil, you may now follow me.” It would be stupid for the devil if he would do such a thing, since everyone knows that he is the bad guy.

In order for the devil to succeed in ruining the lives of the…

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Ficksburg (SA) / Maseru (Lesotho) / Ficksburg (SA) Photos ~ Part III

This is the final Part III of the photos from our Cherry Festival 2010 Outreach … [Gary’s Camera ~ Friday November 19 to Saturday November 20]


To see the complete photo album taking in the trip from Pietermaritzburg through the Golden Gate Nature Reserve to Ficksburg in the Eastern Free Sate, the trip to Maseru in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and back to Ficksburg (South Africa). It also includes more scenic photos of my journey back into the KwaZulu-Natal province which can be viewed at my Facebook profile Here. Praise Almighty God for He is Good.

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