World Cup Outreach ~ A Group Photo

From L to R - Jaco Pitzer (Pretoria, GP, SA), Jason Karroll (Orlando, Fl, USA), Willem Pretorius (Badplaas, MP, SA), Tim Crawford (Dallas, Tx, USA), Vincent Piater (Empangeni, KZN, SA), Gary Crous (Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA) and Bill Adams (Atlanta, Ga, USA)

This photograph was taken before our street ministry that took place around the Loftus Versveld Stadium in Pretoria on Tuesday June 29th. Brother Jaco Pitzer was one of the local ‘newbie’ open-air Gospel proclaimers who joined us preaching the Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the soccer fans attending the games in Pretoria. Jaco also joined us in Rustenburg on Saturday June 26th.

Praise reports and links to many photographs will follow.

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The Score Board

Saturday June 19

E : Netherlands 1 vs. Japan 0 ~ Durban

D : Ghana 1 vs. Australia 1 ~ Rustenburg

E : Cameroon 1 vs. Denmark 2 ~ Pretoria

Sunday June 20

F : Slovakia 0 vs. Paraguay 2 ~ Bloemfontein

F : Italy 1 vs. New Zealand 1 ~ Nelspruit

G : Brazil 3 vs. Côte d’Ivoire 1 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

Monday June 21

G : Portugal 7 vs. Korea DPR 0 ~ Cape Town

H : Chile 1 vs. Switzerland 0 ~ Port Elizabeth

H : Spain 2 vs. Honduras 0 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Tuesday June 22

A : Mexico 0 vs. Uruguay 1 ~ Rustenburg

A : France 1 vs. South Africa 2 ~ Bloemfontein

B : Nigeria 2 vs. Korea Republic 2 ~ Durban

B : Greece 0 vs. Argentina 2 ~ Polokwane

Wednesday June 23

C : Slovenia 0 vs. England 1 ~ Port Elizabeth

C : USA 1 vs. Algeria 0 ~ Pretoria

D : Ghana 0 vs. Germany 1 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

D : Australia 2 vs. Serbia 1 ~ Nelspruit

Thursday June 24

F : Slovakia 3 vs. Italy 2 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

F : Paraguay 0 vs. New Zealand 0 ~ Polokwane

E : Denmark 1 vs. Japan 3 ~ Rustenburg

E : Cameroon 1 vs. Netherlands 2 ~ Cape Town

Friday June 25

G : Portugal 0 vs. Brazil 0 ~ Durban

G : Korea DPR 0 vs.  Côte d’Ivoire 3 ~ Nelspruit

H : Chile 1 vs. Spain 2 ~ Pretoria

H : Switzerland 0 vs. Honduras 0 ~ Bloemfontein

Round of 16

Saturday June 26

1 : Uruguay 2 vs. Korea Republic 1 ~ Port Elizabeth

2 : USA 1 (1) vs. Ghana 2 (1) a.e.t. ~ Rustenburg

Sunday June 27

3 : Germany 4 vs. England 1 ~ Bloemfontein

4 : Argentina 3 vs. Mexico 1 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

Monday June 28

5 : Netherlands 2 vs. Slovakia 1 ~ Durban

6 : Brazil 3 vs. Chile 0 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Tuesday June 29

7 : Paraguay 0 vs. Japan 0 a.e.t. [5 – 3 penalties] ~ Pretoria

8 : Spain 1 vs. Portugal 0 ~ Cape Town

World Cup Outreach ~ Sello’s Diary

During the last thirteen days the Brethren that met for the World Cup Outreach in the Gauteng and North West Provinces have also met new brothers and sisters in Christ who have boldly stepped out of their comfort zones and allowed Almighty God to glorify Himself through them. We hope to have reports posted by all the Brethren who laboured in our Lord’s harvest to the Glory of our Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sello Rasephei reading God's Word in public

To ‘kick-off’ we will start with Brother Sello Rasephei from Pretoria who has been keeping the following journal for God’s Glory and he also broke the sound barrier for the very first time with the public proclamation of God’s Word. Here are extracts and the links to read more at his blog Burden4Souls :

It is really been a thrill to serve God, and it has not been different during this soccer World Cup in South Africa. The soccer World Cup is the best opportunity in the whole world to preach the Gospel, and I’m glad that I have been able to participate so far.

My participation in World Cup Evangelism started when I received a weekly newsletter update from Way of the Master on the 20th April, and they highlighted that they have been able to ship 100 000 tracts to a South African ministry for distribution during the World Cup. My interest in these football tracts was already great, and I had been looking to buy them so I can distribute them in the street corners. So I contacted Living Waters (of which Way of the Master is its TV ministry) to find out if I can get my hands on these tracts. A Living Waters correspondent, Oracio Sandoval, referred me to Gary Crous of Luke 9:23 Ministries and as they say the rest was history. Gary told me about the Evangelism Bootcamp that has been arranged for all those who would like to participate in World Cup Evangelism. (Read more at

World Cup outreaches are getting better every day, and it is definitely the best time of my Christian life. Years from now I will look back at this few weeks and I’ll conclude that they were the turning point in my Christian life, and I got closer to God than I have ever been in my two and a half years as a Christian. (Read more at

More will follow on the ‘newbie’ labourers who broke the sound barrier for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Score Board

Tuesday June 15

F : New Zealand 1 vs. Slovakia 1 ~ Rustenburg

G : Côte d’Ivoire 0 vs. Portugal 0 ~ Pretoria

G : Brazil 2 vs. Korea DPR 1 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Wednesday June 16

H : Honduras 0 vs. Chile 1 ~ Nelspruit

H : Spain 0 vs. Switzerland 1 ~ Durban

A : South Africa 0 vs. Uruguay 3 ~ Pretoria

Thursday June 17

A : France 0 vs. Mexico 2 ~ Polokwane

B : Greece 2 vs. Nigeria 1 ~ Bloemfontein

B : Argentina 4 vs. Korea Republic 1 ~ Soccer City, Johannesburg

Friday June 18

D : Germany 0 vs. Serbia 1 ~ Port Elizabeth

C : Slovenia 2 vs. USA 2 ~ Ellis Park, Johannesburg

C : England 0 vs. Algeria 0 ~ Cape Town

(No links available to the games’ highlights – other results with links to follow)

World Cup Outreach ~ Rustenburg Market and Pretoria

This video is from our time at the Rustenburg Market when we went and ministered there on June 19, 2010 and at Loftus Versveld Stadium in Pretoria later that night.

World Cup Outreach ~ Gauteng

Five of us began the day at Bethel Chapel with Brother Syd Warren who assembled twenty Saints together to hear a message from Brother Tim Crawford of Lost Cause Ministries. From there Warren & Sandra Joubert from Vanderbijl Park, SA joined us at Ellis Park Stadium to preach at the USA vs. Slovenia game.

The above video shows the ministry that took place leading up to kickoff. For about two hours thousands of tracts were distributed, the Word was proclaimed by several of us and many conversations held. The fans, especially many from the USA, knew that the true and living God had His Ambassadors there proclaiming His salvation alone in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Evangelism – Letter #3

Dear Brethren

We write this letter with 31 days to go to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ kick-off of the opening ceremony and match between the host nation South Africa and Mexico at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Preparations have been made and it is by God’s provident grace that we see His Hand in all that has come together during our administration.

We started out about a year ago just after the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup™ and our prayer at that time, and since, has been for brethren to labour with us at the 2010 event (Matthew 9:37, 38; Luke 10:2). It has been amazing and all praise and glory to our Living God who has brought brethren together to labour and make commitments to labour in His harvest fields. Brethren who we have only known through the electronic media, like FaceBook and the blogging-sphere, have connected and met with each other: praying, fellowshipping, laboring and eating together as the early Church did after Pentecost (Acts 2:43-47). The verse that speaks volumes is Acts 2:44:

And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common; (my emphasis).

Our Lord Jesus Christ is building His Church and when He builds there will be no confusion as to what is True and there will be no division between believers. God brings His children together which speak the same Truth and their desires, passions and obedience is common – it is the same. Our God is not a god of confusion. Hallelujah.

At the outset in 2009 there appeared to be few labourers, but God has brought the labourers together and still the numbers are growing – labourers like Bill Adams and Jason Karroll (both USA), Nigel Titus (Cape Town, or 083 642 4454), Vincent Piater (Empangeni, who will be travelling up to Gauteng with Gary), Glenn Smith (Durban, or 073 192 9399), and Ben Janse van Vuuren (Bloemfontein, who will be conducting some training on 15th May 2010 for a group in Bloemfontein in the Free State Province – contact him on or 083 233 9225) together with their teams of evangelists (which names are not all known at this time – we thank you for your passion to reach the lost and obedience to Christ Jesus) have been brought together with a common cause – to take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the various nations coming to South Africa. Then there is Brother Syd Warren from Centurion, Tshwane/Pretoria who will also be laboring with us in the greater Gauteng / North West area and he will also be conducting ‘The Way of the Master’ boot-camp at the Bethel Chapel, Pretoria (Gauteng Province) on 22nd May 2010 from 9am – 1pm (for more information visit their website or contact Syd on Email or (012) 653 1368) where he fellowships – training laborers in the Biblical proclamation of the Gospel – and we will also be networking with Michael Sischy from the ‘Jews For Jesus’ ministry in Johannesburg. I met Michael in Pietermaritzburg at a Hayfield Baptist Church meeting where I was only visiting in March 2010 and he was conducting a sermon ‘Jesus in the Passover.’ It was there that I found out that Michael Sischy had met Bill Adams (SFOI) at a conference in Moreleter Park, Pretoria during the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup™ (where I had chauffeured Bill) and that he would be laboring with an evangelistic team also at the World Cup. Praise God for these divinely appointed meetings!

During this time we have also been blessed of our Lord Jesus Christ, where Brother Ray Comfort and the family at Living Waters have graciously partnered with the Luke 9:23 Evangelism and Sports Fan Outreach International ministries by giving us a gift of specially commissioned Million Euro Bill Gospel Tracts with football (soccer) caricatures on them and with the presentation of the Gospel in Portuguese, German, Italian, French and English. It is a blessing when one receives emails from far a field as South Korea, like this one (it has been censored to withhold certain classified information, and shortened):

Good Morning,

I am a (Christian) Canadian English teacher living in South Korea, where I have met many US Military personnel and one particular brother is leaving to visit his hometown of Sierra Leone for the South African World Cup in June. After receiving the Way of the Weekly Update, I noticed that you guys were giving away World Cup gospel tracts. I went to the link but could not find anything pertaining to this situation.

I am not sure if you are sending tracts from the US or they already have them in South Africa, but if you could send some to the soldier’s address, he said that he would be more than happy to give out tracts.

Actually, he also said that he took the Way of the Master course sometime back.

Here is his mailing address:
(Name withheld)
(Address withheld)

In Christ,

Brian (Surname withheld)
(City withheld), South Korea

At this time we are still working out the logistics of tract distribution to the various centers around South Africa where established teams of evangelists are ready to hit the streets. Although we would love to send tracts to various nations at this time it would be prudent, discerning and wise to focus our attention, prayers and resources to the mission field at hand. Should the soldier be in South Africa during the World Cup we request that he contact us to labour in our Lord’s harvest.

We would also ask that you remember our dear brother Thomas Nunes who has gone on to glory. Brother Bill Adams has written the following in remembrance of our brother in Christ.


Brother Thomas Nunes

Brother Thomas Nunes passed on Tuesday morning, April 13th, 2010 at 1:33 AM. He had been sick with pancreatic cancer & essentially bed ridden for six months & as I spent the last week of his life with him he was taking large amounts of pain killer still. He was very thin & was unable to speak. It was sad to see such a former soldier for Christ in this state but we know of the promise of a new glorified body.

Thomas & I had spent quite a bit of time together over the last year including our journey to Johannesburg for the ’09 Confederations Cup. He was easy & a joy to be with. He demonstrated a love for God that most of us would like to exhibit; he was tireless on the streets & grateful for his salvation. Perhaps the Confederations Cup was the best time of ministry personally as he returned to the continent from which he was from to preach & as the Lord would have many Zimbabwean refugees – Thomas although of Indian decent was a native of Zimbabwe – were in downtown Joburg, as we preached there.

Yes, Thomas was able to return to his earthly home & declare his faith before he was called to his eternal home. I think all of us on that journey, Gary Crous, Willem Pretorius & me, had a special bond & Thomas will be missed when we reconvene Lord willing June 17, 2010.

Thomas continued to preach from the end of June ’09 until October ’09 before he fell ill. We had wonderful journeys to the MLB All-Star weekend in St. Louis & Knoxville, TN for college football both trips where six of us had the chance to fellowship with Thomas for an extended time & enjoy his delightful presence.

May we take a moment to remember this faithful brother & then go out in victory to proclaim Christ. That’s what he would’ve done & would’ve wanted us to do.

—– ooo —–

Here are also Schedules (Click the Diagrams to Enlarge) for the missions taking place in –

Gauteng (Johannesburg & Pretoria) / North West Provinces (Rustenburg):
Contact Gary Crous at 072 221 1233

Western Cape Province (Cape Town):
Contact Nigel Titus at 083 642 4454

We ask that you kindly keep the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer making prayerful intercession for your Brethren in the harvest field for protection, discernment, wisdom, understanding and knowledge and we also pray for the Holy Spirit to work miracles by calling the elect to repentance and faith. May all the work we are involved in be of Almighty God and that we set aside our own will and desires. Allow God to use us to Glorify Himself and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, in and through His Holy Spirit for the extension of His Kingdom. Let us worship our God in obedience to Him.

In Christ’s Service until He returns.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Evangelism – Newsletter #2

We, Bill Adams (, Michael Rogers ( and Gary Crous ( have received responses from four (4) brothers in Christ who have shown a willingness to labour with us at the 2010 event. Keep praying to our Father for more laborers (Matthew 9:37, 38; Luke 10:2).

We have received the following report from Brother Nigel Titus in Cape Town who is graciously coordinating The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Draw™ Evangelism Outreach from December 4th-6th, 2009 –

On December 4, 2009, Cape Town will welcome FIFA executives, representatives of the 32 qualifying teams, the international media, and FIFA guests to the city to witness the Final Draw for the tournament at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). The Final Draw, which will take place in front of some 3 000 international guests at the Cape Town International Convention Centre will be broadcast live to an estimated audience of 150 million viewers in 200 countries.

The event is expected to have football fans around the world glued to their screens as the match order for the qualifying teams is announced. According to the City of Cape Town’s site, the Final Draw event will be attended by an estimated 8 000 people. Besides the local and TV audiences, a large number of soccer professionals and officials, associated celebrities, and sponsors will be in town for the event – bringing even more attention and visitors to our fantastic “Mother City”.

For Christians and like-minded evangelists, this presents a massive opportunity to spread the gospel and open-air preach to the thousands of fans, party-goers and tourists that will be descending upon the Mother City next week. In addition, we also hope to use this event as a good test run for the 2010 World Cup Evangelism Project which is coming up next year.

According to organizers, the main hot spots for the Final Draw will be the entire Upper Long Street, from Wale Street to Buitensingel which is to be converted into a festival zone for the Final Draw on Friday. The main stage will be situated at the Long Street baths, with several huge television screens further down towards Wale Street. The festivities will start at 12:00 noon with music and cultural performances with a South African and African flavor. Entrance to the festival is free and thousands of Capetonians are expected to congregate at Long Street to share in the world’s excitement of the Final Draw. Please also check out Cape Town Sport & FIFA 2010 for more information.

If you are interested in laboring with us to preach the gospel at this event, please feel free to contact us at the below numbers / email address. A final plan with all the necessary details of how we will operate will only be finalized by next week – we encourage you however to get in touch with us soonest if you wish to be a part of this event. We will also be setting aside next Wednesday and Thursday (2nd and 3rd December 2009) to earnestly seek God’s guidance in prayer and supplication on how we should approach this event. We acknowledge that our endeavors and actions will attract the attention of our spiritual enemy and we need to be sufficiently equipped and prepared before we go out.

For His Glory!

Nigel Titus
083 642 4454

In Christ’s Service until He returns,

Gary Stephen Crous
tel. 033 – 394 9091 (Work)
Cell +27 722211233

[Jesus] saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the gospel.” – Mark 1:15

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Evangelism Newsletter #1

Dear Friend


We, Bill Adams (, Michael Rogers ( and Gary Crous ( take this opportunity of requesting your availability, Lord willing, to join us in reaching the tens of thousands of soccer fans and visitors coming to South Africa to be a part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Add to this the 47.9 million ( local people then we have the world’s largest sporting event in our own backyard where we can work with our Lord Jesus to reach His people.

You can check out the progress of the World Cup at and view the official website ( There are nine (9) cities that will be hosting the First Round matches in nine stadia, which are –

 Cape Town – Green Point Stadium

 Durban – Moses Mabhida Stadium

 Johannesburg – Ellis Park Stadium

 Bloemfontein – Free State Stadium

 Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

 Nelspruit – Mbombela Stadium

 Polokwane – Peter Mokaba Stadium

 Rustenburg – Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace Stadium

 Pretoria – Loftus Versfeld Stadium

You can expect from the magnitude of the sporting event and the logistics involved stretching from the west coast to the east coast and from the southern coast through the central and northern regions of South Africa that we do appeal to ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) to join us in fighting the good fight for souls (1 Timothy 6:12) all for the Glory of God.

The vision is to get as many obedient and faithful evangelists who love the Lord and will willingly lay down their lives, set aside their time and resources in reaching the millions for Christ so that many will hear the proclamation of God’s Law and His Gospel of Grace, compelling sinners to repentance and putting their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ (see Acts 17:30,31).

We are looking to labour with our brothers and our sisters in Christ who will preach the true biblical gospel – not a soft, candy-coated, prosperity gospel – but the True Gospel which saves unto salvation where we will allow the Holy Spirit to “reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgment” (John 16:8).

We are convinced that as you are on Michael’s mailing list you have possibly heard or have been taught ‘The Way of the Master’ (Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort), a ministry of Living Waters ( Please do take some time to listen to the two Foundational Messages “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion” on their website. If you have already, please do these as a refreshing exercise, as we all are to examine ourselves (see 2 Corinthians 13:5). We are trying to make certain that whoever stands up to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified will be reading off the same Bible pages and not flying under the radar with another gospel (see Galatians 1:6-10).

We are also hoping to put together a type of “Ambassadors’ Academy / Way of the Master” style Evangelism Boot Camp. However, what might be more appropriate would be to get those ambassadors in the nine cities who are prepared to make a sacrifice to come together and be involved in a training camp within each city. This will create an awareness of the evangelism outreach for the 2010 event. We therefore appeal to you and request those who want to be a team leader of an evangelism team in your city and those who want to host an Evangelism Boot Camp to forward the following information to :

 Your full names and contact details.

 Your church and pastor’s details – a reference.

 Have you taken / taught ‘The Way of the Master’ Evangelism Basic Training Course?

 A short testimony of your faith in Christ Jesus and any ministry / mission work.

 Have you listened to the Foundational Messages “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion”?

 Do you preach sin, righteousness and judgment by using God’s Law (The Ten Commandments) and the Gospel of Grace through the Cross, Resurrection, Ascension and Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

To host a team to conduct the boot camp will however require financial support so if you have any ideas please let us know by emailing suggestions / actions / support to the above e-mail address in order that the necessary arrangements can be undertaken.

The ultimate aim is to have a team of evangelists – open-air preaching and one-to-one witnessing –available in each of the nine cities, to be shepherded by a team leader (for accountability purposes) around the stadia and at the fan parks. This will be a corporate mission with prayer gatherings, transport, preferably Living Water’s gospel Tracts and/or One Million Tracts (, accommodation and meals being organized by the team leader and the members (ecclesia) of each team. We would also appreciate photos and videos to be taken at the various venues so they can be posted, hopefully, on a daily basis on the Luke 9:23 Evangelism blog in order that our brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world can be informed of the mission and also be prayer warriors for the evangelists and the souls witnessed to.

As the sporting event progresses we hope to all come together, those who are able to, in the Second Round at the venues allocated and so on to the Quarter-Finals, the Semi-Finals until we will all be united in one huge gathering at the Third/Fourth Place Play-off and the Final. This is the vision and the prayer for our BIG GOD to give Himself all the Glory!!

We hope to hear from you, if you have suggestions or plans we have overlooked, please drop us a line. To get a feel of the Lord’s work at the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup™ please check out the following links –

o Photo Gallery –

o Live Report by Bill Adams –

o Thomas Nunes Report –

o Bill Adams Friday June 19th –

o Bill Adams Saturday June 20th –

o Brothers on Mission –

In Christ’s Service until He returns,

Gary Stephen Crous
Tel. 033 – 394 9091 (Work)
Cell +27 722211233

[Jesus] saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the gospel.” – Mark 1:15

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