KwaZulu-Natal takes up 7.6% of South Africa's total land area (Image: Mary Alexander)

Welcome to the KwaZulu-Natal page. Here you will find some information to acquaint you with the region from the website . Please check out the Geography and Climate of the region.





Champagne Castle, in the central region of KwaZulu-Natal's magnificent Drakensberg range of mountains (Image: South African Tourism)


▸ Group Matches
13 June D 16h00 Germany vs. Australia
16 June H 16h00 Spain vs. Switzerland
19 June E 16h00 Netherlands vs. Japan
22 June B 20h30 Nigeria vs. Korea Republic
25 June G 16h00 Portugal vs. Brazil
▸ Round of 16
28 June 5 16h00 Winner Group E vs. Runner-Up Group F
▸ Semi-Final
07 July II 20h30 B vs. D

To view the full Schedule of Fixtures click 2010 FIFA World Cup Final™ Fixtures.

Here under are the ministries that will be in the province preaching the Law and the Gospel:

5 Responses

  1. Ready to hand out Tracts and witness during the World Cup! Just need a brother or two to come allong-side. If you reside in Durban or are popping in here and have been exposed to the Way Of The Master Method then please e-mail me.

    • Hi Glen,

      Please contact me in Durban. My mobile number is 083 799 5799.
      I have been trying a long time to get something started here in Durban.



      • Hi Glen and Anand

        Good to see a team of evangelists coming together, PRAISE GOD – Y’shua el Messiah !!!

        I have your contact numbers and will speak to you later.



  2. how can i get hold of the world cup euro tracts here in Durban?

    • We are at present working out the logistics of the World Cup Euros. Keep checking back for more info.

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