Gauteng takes up 1.4% of South Africa's total land area (Image: Mary Alexander)

Welcome to the Gauteng page. Here you will find some information to acquaint you with the region from the website . Please check out the Geography and Climate of the region.






Johannesburg, the economic hub of South Africa (Image: South African Tourism)

▸ Group Matches

11 June A 16h00 South Africa vs. Mexico
14 June E 13h30 Netherlands vs Denmark
17 June B 20h30 Argentina vs Korea Republic
20 June G 20h30 Brazil vs. Côte d’Ivoire
23 June D 20h30 Ghana vs. Germany
▸ Round of 16
27 June 2 20h30 Winner Group B vs. Runner-Up Group A
▸ Quarter-Final
02 July A 20h30 1 vs. 3
11 July 20h30 Winner I vs. Winner II

▸ Group Matches
12 June B 13h30 Argentina vs. Nigeria
15 June G 20h30 Brazil vs. Korea DPR
18 June C 16h00 Slovenia vs. USA
21 June H 20h30 Spain vs. Honduras
24 June F 16h00 Slovakia vs. Italy
▸ Round of 16
28 June 7 20h30 Winner Group G vs. Runner-Up Group H
▸ Quarter-Final
03 July D 20h30 6 vs. 8


The historic Union Buildings in Pretoria are the administrative centre of the South African government (Image: South African Tourism)


▸ Group Matches
13 June D 20h30 Serbia vs. Ghana
16 June A 20h30 South Africa vs. Uruguay
19 June E 20h30 Cameroon vs. Denmark
23 June C 16h00 USA vs. Algeria
25 June H 20h30 Chile vs. Spain
▸ Round of 16
29 June 6 16h00 Winner Group F vs. Runner-Up Group E

To view the full Schedule of Fixtures click 2010 FIFA World Cup Final™ Fixtures.

The Schedule for the Evangelism Outreach (Click Diagram to Enlarge)

Here under are the ministries that will be in the province preaching the Law and the Gospel:

The Director of Sports Fan Outreach International Bill Adams will be coming out from Atlanta, GA in the USA and will be here from June 17th through 30th. He can be contacted at: 1-866-646-LOVE (5683) or Another Brother Jason Karroll will also be travelling from the USA for the same period of time for the evangelism outreach.

Gary Crous of Luke 9:23 Evangelism will be travelling up from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal to evangelise and also be a driver for our American Brethren. He can be contacted on: +27 72 221 1233 (International) or 072 221 1233 (Local).

We, SFOI and Luke 9:23 Evangelism will also be networking with Michael Sischy of the ministry Jews For Jesus South Africa (Jews For Jesus – International) who can be contacted at email.

The Executive, Ray Comfort, and the family at Living Waters have come alongside us and he has published wonderful news at this link.

Living Waters Africa is located in Birchleigh, South Africa and was founded in 2006. Michael and Natalie Rogers head the organization to provide customers in Africa with Living Waters products. This should be your one stop shop for your tracts in Southern Africa this winter. Michael and his brother-in-law Grenville have graciously opened their homes to accommodate some evangelists during the outreach. We thank you and your families.

Brother Syd Warren and Bethel Chapel have come on board to evangelise with this ministry and also conduct ‘The Way of the Master’ Boot Camp at their premises. Read the details Here.

Brother Vincent Piater from Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal is a leader at JeremiahCry Ministries. You can read how God got him to open-air preach at this Link.

3 Responses

  1. Can you send me more info on what is planned around Johannesburg?

    We have a group that will like to become involved in evangelism during the WC.


    • Hi Dewal

      Thanks for your interest in becoming involved with your group. If you have not yet, please read Newsletter #1 to get an overview of the vision. You will see links at the foot of the Newsletter that shows what took place at the Confederations Cup in June 2009.

      At this time we will probably do most things the same as what we did at the Confederations Cup just on a larger scale. We do not have a team yet for Gauteng – possibly Bill Adams from the USA will head that team. What I do suggest is that you subscribe to this blog to be kept up to speed with what is happening. May the Lord bring together His vessels for His Glory.

      Let us also hear more about you and your group – how you came across this ministry? blog? and are you preachers in “The Way of the Master” mold?

      In Christ’s service,

  2. It’s great to see that Dewald and folk in Jozi are preparing to evangelise during the WC. We pray that the Lord will prosper their preparations. For others out there who are keen to be fishers of men in Tshwane/Pretoria area, please take note that we hope to run an evangelism bootcamp of sorts during May. No details yet but we’ll keep you updated on this website. In the meantime you’re welcome to contact me at
    In His grace
    Syd Warren

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