Mission Act 1:8 ~ Day 36

In March and April of 2013, a mission was undertaken to go from “door-to-door” in the suburbs of the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal, being the greater Pietermaritzburg-Msunduzi “City of Choice” metropolitan.

During that time over a period of 87Hrs 15mins on 35 selected days 8,200 houses (including units in complexes) received Gospel material in the post boxes or in individuals’ hands totalling approximately 10,254 pieces of literature. At the same time there were many conversations that were had, encouraging Christian believers in their faith and reaching out to the lost unbelievers. We were also able to perform open-air preaching at various locations on our routes through the various suburbs which also included preaching outside schools, some being predominately of the Hindu faith in the Indian communities of Northdale and Raisethorpe. The various suburbs that we visited and tracted were:

  • Northern Suburbs
    • Raisethorpe
    • Northdale
    • Bakerville Heights
    • Bombay Heights
    • Dunveria
    • Orient Heights
    • Allandale
  • Southern Suburbs
    • Bellevue
    • The Meadows
    • Hayfields
    • Scottsville
    • Pelham


Today, we commenced where we left off in 2013 and started as Day 36 ~ Thursday April 30, 2015. We are praying to our Father in Heaven for the Holy Spirit to direct our steps to go to the multitudes who have yet to receive Gospel literature in their homes.

Previous Acts 1:8 Mission reports can be found at this website by conducting a “Mission Act 1:8” search. Please keep this evangelistic work covered in prayer as we go in the might and power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ reaching out to lost souls.

Today briefly spoke to two Maritzburg College Christian boys on their way to gym, two African men from Oribi Village who said they need to change their lives from drinking and smoking and the one said he will attend the “Over-comers” Church in Oribi Village as he needs to be born-again. Gary had an extensive witnessing encounter with a young UKZN varsity student named Nhlanhla Hlengwa who was presented with the “Good-person Test” and who failed the same. He said he needs to get his life on track and will read the literature he had received and would like to attend our fellowship at Living Hope this coming Sunday. Please pray for these souls and others who received Gospel material for the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin, of righteousness and of judgment, as we read:

8  And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: 
9  Of sin, because they believe not on me; 
10  Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; 
11  Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. ~ John 16:8-11

While walking in Jesmond Road a pastor Mzolo pulled up with his Merc and wanted the “Are You Ready” cross for his church. He wants Gary to make him one for payment. We will see where this leads!

Later, just prior to finishing this cross walking tract distribution session, we were shown hospitality by Theu and Cathy Lessing, family in Christ from Living Hope, as we were refreshed with cold water and some fellowship in their home.

Today’s circuit was:

Laird – Clark – Richie (to Haldane) – Richie (to Christie) – Raymond – Clark – Laird – Kinnoul – Jesmond (to Christie) – Jesmond (to the stream) – Kinnoul – Pelham – Kinnoul cul-de-sac and Kinnoul back to Laird where the vehicle was parked.

Routes in Pelham / Scottsville

Railwayline spanning BisleyJono "posting" Gospel Tracts Mission Act 1.8 Statistics 36 Soli Deo Gloria!

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