Mission Act 1:8 ~ Days 17, 18 and 19

Day 17 ~ Wednesday March 13, on starting our journey to place Gospel tracts in as many peoples’ homes and hands as possible, it commenced with us being approached by two SAPS police officials on scrambler motorbikes who enquired of our reason for carrying the cross and being on the streets. It allowed us to share the Gospel briefly, but precisely with Sergeant Ramnath and Constable Nchunu. The Sergeant told me that his wife is a Christian and he is still a Hindu. I shared with this law enforcement officer that someday he will stand before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ and although he enforces the law here in this land he will be judged by God for transgressing God’s Law which includes his violation of the Second Commandment (I had touched on some of the Ten Commandments) which forbids idolatry, of which he is still engaging in by lighting the lamp and trusting in idol figures. He listened and shook his head in acknowledgment. I also shared Psalm 115:3-8 with him before he said they had to leave as they had another call to attend to. Please pray for this man’s salvation as it could be an answer to prayer from his wife!

While placing the Word of God in post boxes we came across a 25 year-old Indian man named Keegan hanging out with his 16 year old friend listening to some music on his cellular phone. I got into a conversation with him easily referring to the music youngsters listen to and he professed to be a Christian. However, whilst going through the Law of God, one could see his mind was working overtime and he was agreeing with the righteous standards required of us as believers. Shortly, he pointed out to me that a coloured man had drawn up with his motor vehicle who wanted to speak to me. To put this conversation in context – just yesterday brother Aziz and I had been opposite the school Kharina High School where we were now standing, but around the corner in Khan Road, and had said we hoped to be able to get into this school and preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We had earlier this morning prayed for God to give us divine appointments and to order our steps. Well that is what our Father God did by His grace by allowing me to have the conversation with Keegan until this man named Harold would arrive on Regina Road. Harold volunteered information to me as we spoke and he told me that he is the Chairman of the Parents’ Governing Body at the Kharina High School and he attends the Mountainrise Methodist Church. He told me to contact a Christian lady who is a counsellor at the school named Cynthia Govender to make arrangements to come and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. After that we parted ways with a hope to getting into this school ‘someday’!

Later, as we placed tracts in post boxes, there are many houses off the main road down short lanes hidden away behind the road facing homes, whilst walking up one such lane we heard the rejoicing voice of a woman saying, along the lines of: “Are you ready? Oh yes, I am ready, ready to see my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!” It was refreshing to meet sister Neela and young Abigail and also her son Joash. Sister Neela invited us in to her home and we spent some time in sweet fellowship encouraging one another, when she asked us to pray for her safety in this community as there is much wickedness that prevails there with songomas (witch-doctors). We spent time in prayer and encouraged her to be a witness for Christ to her neighbours. Neela has come out of a Hindu upbringing and attends at the Assembly of God Church. Her family has come to faith in Jesus Christ and brother Aziz knows her from times past when Neela had converted to Christianity and had stayed in the same circular road as brother Aziz whilst they were still Muslims in those days. In fact Aziz’s sister used to laugh at Neela, but years later she too believed upon Christ! How our Great God orchestrates all things, saving and giving a witness to all for His Glory alone!

We continued down some side roads, meeting Richard a mechanic who said he would like to continue the conversation some time, and then started back along Regina Road. As we neared the Kharina High School we saw some pupils calling out to us carrying the cross. They were a long way from us so we called a male pupil down to us and handed him a small bundle of tracts for him to hand to the other scholars that were with him. As we approached the entrance the Holy Spirit prompted me to go in and enquire about having a preaching meeting in this school. The timing was precise, as we found brother Harold with the principal (a Hindu) and we met Cynthia and the secretary, also a Christian named Chantal. We had a meeting with Harold, Cynthia and Chantal and we were advised that Cynthia will take this proposal forward to obtain permission for us to do so! We also shared the Gospel and we found out that Cynthia’s husband is a pastor and that she too preaches! I shared that women cannot be preachers, especially in the pulpit as Scripture confirms who can be ‘pastors’ with reference to 1 Timothy 2:9-15 as read with the qualifications of ordained qualified elders (Titus 1:5-9) and bishops (1 Timothy 3:1-7) emphasising on “the husband of one wife.” It was at this point that we were told that she does not agree with me on this issue, however I reiterated that we cannot discount and disagree with what the Bible, God’s Word, tells us irrespective of what we personally believe! The conversation ended as Cynthia had to attend a class and if this was the only reason for visiting the school, all Glory to God. And if God wills we should preach to some students at this school, we will have a day and time given to us! Please pray for an open door!

With our various meetings today we did not complete the roads in Northdale that we had planned to walk. However, God ordered our steps perfectly! Hallelujah!!

Day 18 ~ Thursday March 14, we took on a huge round trip that had many hills along the way, but all the homes were given a Gospel tract. We had to correct a Hindu woman who was praying to her idols in her front garden and when she said she also prays to ‘Jesus’ I had to rebuke her for blasphemy and for praying to the ‘wrong jesus’ for the Jesus Christ of the Bible hates idolatry and will send idolaters to hell and to the lake of fire. This rebuke had her leave us and go indoors. Our rebuke is in love to save her by plucking her out of the fire.

We found ourselves at a cul-de-sac at the end of Vinca Place that overlooked a community of houses in a valley around Pastoral Road. Prompted by the Holy Spirit I raised my voice and preached the Holiness of God’s Law and Jesus Christ and Him crucified. By God’s grace one could hear my voice rebounding off the hillside across the valley that held the preaching in this amphitheatre as we noted people coming out of their homes to see who was speaking to them. Many stood at a distance looking up, listening which is all glory to God! So many homes were visited by the raising of my voice preaching to them from a distance. Later we found ourselves on the very streets over which was preached the Good News and we asked some in the valley and they said they had heard the message clearly. Praise God alone!

We also met some brethren along the way – one particular man, an evangelist named Roland who ministers down in Phoenix near Durban. We had spoken and met opposite the City Hall about a year or so ago and now met one another once again on Bombay Road. We hope to labour together down in Phoenix some time in the future, Lord willing!

Later on our way back up Springvale Road we passed Springhaven Primary School where first Aziz and then I engage a group of youngsters with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They went away more educated than when we first met them. Please pray for the salvation of Sfundo, Jared, Mikayla, Chiara, Jaden and Ryan.

Day 19 ~ Friday March 15, we followed up on some roads we did not do yesterday branching off the lengthy ring-road we walked. Out on Butterfly Road we engaged an Indian lady named Manisha who was busy sweeping her cemented driveway area, who happened to be a Jehovah Witness who had come out of Hinduism. From one idolatrise religion to another cultic religion doesn’t seem to help her. We pleaded with her to repent and trust in the True Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible and not the lie of the NWT that she relies on. We reasoned with her from the Scriptures and we do believe God stopped her at various points from justifying her religious practices. She also said that to be born-again is a Roman Catholic practice. We had to correct her that the RCs do not believe in being born-again and that Jesus Christ says a person must be born-again to see the Kingdom of God (see John 3:3), which she said she is not born-again! Manisha has much to consider and we do pray that she will come to true repentance and faith believing in the one True God, our Lord Jesus Christ the Righteous and be born-again of God.

Today on many of the roads we walked there was much idolatry to be found with many, many altars to stone gods that Scripture speaks of:

Psalm 115:4 Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.

Psalm 115:5 They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:

Psalm 115:6 They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not:

Psalm 115:7 They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.

Psalm 115:8 They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.

Aziz and I were in agreement that South Africa is in such a wicked and evil state due to the millions of idolatrise altars like those we saw today that are spread around the country. there is so much demonic activity taking place that is an abomination to our Great God!

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 17 ~ March 13, 2013 (Photos 216-227), Day 18 ~ March 14, 2013 (Photos 228-247) and Day 19 ~ March 15, 2013 (Photos 248-258)

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