Mission Act 1:8 ~ Days 14 and 15

On Thursday and today, Friday, brother Aziz and I had truly a blessed time in our Lord’s harvest. Brethren, in obedience “Go” and share your faith. You will not be disappointed. Almighty God is revealing the works of the enemy trying to come in and corrupt the True preaching of the Word! Be discerning brethren, and get out there and preach Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father!

We had some great conversations, including encouragements, as we ministered to the persons our Lord brought across our path these last two days. These were appointed times lead of the Holy Spirit. We encountered Truman who was on his way to his job at Steers. Before even examining himself using the Ten Commandments he offered to us that he was headed for hell, but definitely said he will examine all things. We shared Grace with Truman and encouraged him to repent and believe upon our Lord Jesus Christ. We also pointed him to the Scriptures and asked him to read the Gospel of John as he has a Bible and that he needs to get alone with God in prayer. Truman also took three extra Gospel tracts to give to his three colleagues, he was to meet at work!

We passed Karabelo, a young Tech student who attends Grace Generation Church that meets in the Scottsville Primary School’s hall on Sundays. We encouraged her to continue sharing her faith with her friends at Tech, as she said she does!

Later while brother Aziz and I unwound at my home and watched a video dealing with “Freemasonry” I received a phone call from an Indian man named I. Beharie who had recently received an “Are You Ready?” Gospel tract in his post box in the suburb Hayfields. He told me that he wished to find out who had placed this message in his post box and was looking for a true copy of the Scriptures and whether I had a Bible for him. I discussed briefly that I do not at the moment, but would make arrangements to get him a King James Bible. He was satisfied with that, and I agreed to hand deliver it to him as he said he also has many questions to ask! Praise God that in obedience of dropping a tract off at Beharie’s residence in that the Lord ordered our steps, we were now receiving a request from him for God’s Word! He gave us his work address and the call was terminated!

Today, we started earlier than normal, but it would be according to God’s perfect timing! The conversations and events that unfolded today were truly God-orchestrated events. The Holy Spirit was clearly moving over us as we laboured for God’s Glory! We went out towards St John’s Diocesan School for Girls and St Charles’ College (for Boys) which also has a Tech College in between these “Romish Schools”. We were able to hand out some tracts and place them on the Tech College students’ motor vehicles’ windshields and hand them personally to some students. One such Tech student named Storm was found seated outside on the pavement awaiting a taxi. He wasn’t feeling well, so he was going home early. We managed to start sharing the Law of God with him and Storm was understanding his plight in view of eternity, when the taxi arrived. He did say he had attended Church some time ago, but now he did not, but he had been thinking of death recently and what happens to people when they die. He undertook to read the tract. Please pray for our Father to reveal Himself to Storm and bring him to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Later on Blackburrow as we were walking on the road, the Scottsville Primary Schools’ mid-morning tea break started at that time (10am). The timing was perfect! Brother Aziz approached the school’s perimeter fence first to engage some boys by handing out Gospel tracts and asking them if they “Knew Jesus Christ.” I crossed the road to join him carrying the cross and by the time I arrived at the fence a sizable crowd of boys started assembling. We then proceeded to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified starting with the Law and then moving to the Grace of God! Many questions were asked, and many of them were Christians and some were of other faiths. I was recognised by two of the boys, a white boy who recalled that I had given him a money tract some time ago and that I had a message on my car that reads: “±150000 PEOPLE WILL DIE TODAY” – this was a wonderful springboard using the catastrophes of today – a geography lesson, so to speak – to deal with the Law and Grace Gospel! And the second boy was Sphumelo (?) who said my name and then he said he knew me from where I used to work with his mother at a law firm. Later as the presentation was nearing the end some “messengers” were sent from the teacher on playground duty saying that the boys must come away from the fence from speaking to those “two strangers”. I did not expect what I heard next – two coloured boys said: “We are going no-where as we are hearing about Jesus!” They stood there ground as we could see some of the other boys weren’t sure what to do. Some more “emissaries” were sent our way and the response was the same, until the teacher herself came across to address us and the boys. Reluctantly they left, as we were told that the school is Christian, but we need to get permission to address the boys. I do know the headmaster Mr Bobby Nefdt and the school does have a “Christian ethos” so this is something worth looking into. On leaving, there was a young boy pleading that we come back at 1pm (their main lunch break)! We left and went down another road to put tracts in post boxes and then came back up to Blackburrow.

As we proceeded down the road running next to the school, some more children including a large group of girls gathered at the fence to see these “strangers carrying a cross”. They were hungry to hear the Word that two boys later came to the fence asking for more tracts as they had shown their teacher! Praise God!

A short while later at the bottom of the road we came across a group of six tow-truck operators sitting in one of their tow-trucks and handed out some tracts. We engaged the men in conversation and we soon learnt that they think hell is on earth and that they “worship a god of their own choosing.” Some don’t believe the Bible and even told us that we are blaspheming God by speaking on His behalf and “judging them.” Well, the conversation got really challenging and colourful when I called a Hindu man out for worshipping idols and calling the idol-vessels “God”. Before this, there were even some of them that wanted some prayer, but upon the Hindu man being reminded of his idolatry against the True and Living God, the filth that poured out of his heart via his mouth directed at me was really disgusting – the profanity was a sewer-pit-of-words!

Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Matthew 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Well at the time he had their request of prayer terminated as he was showing that there was an evil demon in him – even getting very threatening – something along the “hold-me-back, hold-me-back” attitude.  This is what Satan the deceiver does, uses a lot of filthy hot air. Well, we were strengthened and assured of our Lord and nothing untoward happened as we thanked them for their time and left rejoicing! What a contrast our Lord was revealing to us – the kingdom of God is for those that are like children!

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

But we will pray that God will change these men’s wicked hearts.

On going back up the road we were greeted by a man named Clyde D. Langley who had stopped by the roadside to see what we were doing carrying a cross and to give us each a copy of a book titled “I Found Grace, Grace In Them Stones” which he had written. We spent about an hour with Clyde and we said we would test all that was written in it, to which he agreed – saying we shouldn’t discount anything, but enter into dialogue with him if we disagree with anything – in fact at page 7 he says, quote: “… my recommendation is that the reader read with an open mind, and not discard the book should they reach a point where it contradicts their beliefs, but to read through to the end, and then reach a conclusion.” This statement is unbiblical! On getting home the Holy Spirit had me page through the book and it was revealed that this book is of the SDA theology – yep, “Seventh-day Adventism” something Clyde failed to notify us about on the street. That would appear to be deception! Praise God for His Holy Spirit that reveals error, heresy and deception! By the Holy Spirit’s leading, on reading at page 149 in the Chapter XII titled “Is There Only One Truth?” there is a whole section of ‘quotes and glorifying’ of the false prophetess Ellen G. White and the SDA church. I must denounce this book as heresy for there are false teachings in there, too. I suppose that at page 10 where this following quote appears, it speaks volumes to all that will read this book or who agree with the SDA dogma, quote: “WHEN YOU ARE DECEIVED YOU DON’T KNOW YOU ARE DECEIVED BECAUSE YOU ARE DECEIVED”.

On leaving the man Clyde, we were able to also minister to Mr. Mchunu who is a grounds man at Scottsville Primary School, who was marking the football (soccer) fields for the upcoming season. I entered into dialogue with him when he said he doesn’t read the Bible because the Bible stories “change in the front, middle and back of the book!” It was a strange statement to being made by a man who says he goes to church. The long story short, the Holy Spirit did not allow me to leave the man until pressing him for answers he revealed that he and his family have been brought up through the generations in Roman Catholicism. It is understandable now why he does not understand the Bible and why he never wants to read it, because of the Romish papal system of ‘lack of feeding on the Word’ and not being born-again! At the end of our conversation, glory and praise to our Great God, Mr. Mchunu had understanding to his predicament even asking now “where is my church?” I advised him that I do not have a Church, but we were “having church” right where we were meeting. He doesn’t have to go into a stately building. I also advised him that born-again believers are known as the Church – the Body of Jesus Christ! But if he wants, he can meet me at my home for fellowship and worship or I can visit him! Please pray for Mr. Mchunu that he will be born-again by God’s Spirit and grace.

Also prior to investigating the book by Clyde, as mentioned earlier, we went and purchased a King James Bible and went and visited Beharie at his work. He was surprised to see us the very next day, and with a Bible as he required. We spend about an hour with him as he asked questions concerning God and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit gave us utterance to teach Beharie. Please pray for his salvation for he is seeking Truth!

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 14 ~ March 7, 2013 (Photos 167-176) and Day 15 ~ March 8, 2013 (Photos 177-198)

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