Mission Act 1:8 ~ Days 12 and 13

We have not been out for six days as we have, by God’s grace, been moving home from the simplex that we lived in at Ivy Gardens in Bellevue to a flat across town in the suburb of Pelham. We are now placed in a new part of our Lord’s harvest and we look forward to experiencing what God has in store according to His will and for His glory alone! The place we find ourselves in is in a residential area that has many buildings of flats (apartments) which opens the door to much evangelism. We look forward to this new adventure of preaching Christ Jesus in this new environment and being a faithful witness for God’s glory alone!

Yesterday and today Brother Aziz and I experienced two hot days of 32°C (90°F), and by God’s grace we were able to canvass large areas getting the Word out into the remaining streets of Hayfields. This completes two suburbs as we press on for the Word of God and the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Had some short conversations yesterday where we shared briefly the Gospel with some Zimbabwean vendors named Charles and Adams selling their wares on the roadside in Blackburrow Road and their friend named Olivia. They professed to be believers, but will examine all things contained in the Gospel Tract! Later we also had a discussion with a young woman named Luanda (?) who approached us as we entered the Hayfields Mall. Luanda seems to be a believer, who is not Jewish, but holds to the Sabbath days and feasts and calls herself, if I understood her correctly, an Hebrew. She is non-denominational which is good, but she now holds to the Jewish days and says we have to hold to them too! We were told that she would send us an email with ‘much information’ and we do look forward to receiving the same so we can address the issues at length. If any evangelists have encountered persons of this description and have any other information pertaining to gentile people that ‘believe’ along these Hebrew-lines, please share with me.

Incidentally, I have visited the Hayfields Mall on many, many, many occasions to do some shopping and have even handed out Gospel tracts at the tellers and given some to patrons and as I was dressed I have never been told I was not welcome at the centre. (There’s a reason for this statement). This even after I had on another occasion preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified before the centre management said I could not do so.  Yesterday, it showed the hatred of the cross and our Lord Jesus Christ for as I walked through the parking lot a car-guard told me that I could not be there with the cross and after telling him that my car was parked in the lot on the other side the building – which it was – on passing through a court yard and being approached by Luanda, a security guard approached me because I was carrying a cross, for he said so. He tried to terminate the conversation, but I advised him that I would continue the conversation as I was approached by this woman and it would be rude to leave without speaking to her and also there was no one who had lodged a complaint. He was more concerned about doing his job to satisfy the centre management, yet he said he believes in God. I soon found out that although the demons tremble before God, this man did not fear God. He was reminded that the centre management and he will stand before God on Judgment Day – he took a tract and the conversation continued to conclusion when a call came in for me on my cell phone! This incident shows that you are welcome by the centre management (who are Muslim, if the same has not changed from the last incident) to come and spend your money on groceries, but just don’t go to the Hayfields Mall carrying a wooden “Are You Ready” cross!!! You will not be welcome!!!

Today, many Gospel tracts were handed out again. They included about 32 tracts that were placed in a post box at a children’s’ crèche with instructions to the minders to hand them to their parents.

There was also a sign that appeared alongside the roadside that read: “JESUS IS LORD READ THE BIBLE”. This sign has been here for a long while and had been desecrated by some evil wicked person(s). On the very day that we were in the area where this sign appears it was strange that we took the first photo at 09:49am and the sign was removed as appears in a photo taken at 12:13pm!

We also had some sweet fellowship with a Brother named Ed White on Albert Oliff Road that was encouraging! He fellowships and worships at Global Harvest home church in Hilton.

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 12 ~ March 5, 2013 (Photos 151-156) and Day 13 ~ March 6, 2013 (Photos 157-166)

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