Mission Act 1:8 ~ Day 11

Yesterday, February 26, was yet another sweltering day with a day time high of 36°C (98°F). In spite of the heat, brother Aziz Ebrahim and I were able by the grace and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ to cover a large area of the lower end of Hayfields. This area also has a large number of townhouse complexes where a Gospel tract was placed in each units’ post box, and as a result it was a day where the most homes received the the Good News of our Lord and Saviour totalling 569 dwellings!

It was also a day where we came across a Lutheran church and placed a Gospel Tract – not Martin Luther’s 95-Theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany – but an “Are You Ready?” message on the Church of the Cross’ notice board! We also “posted” a tract in each of the Lutheran Gardens’ post boxes across the road, a residential complex presumably for the church.

Later on Adams Road as we were passing one of these many complexes, at God’s divine appointment we met a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ named Kay who was driving out the main gate as we were placing tracts in the post boxes. A conversation ensued as we spoke and ministered to her and we found out that she has a son that needs some help! We then gave her an open invitation for her to invite us to come around and speak to her son, and that is what transpired as we came back just after 17H00 in the evening and spent two hours sharing the Law and Holiness of God and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with Kay’s son Matthew (16) and his friend Etienne (19) who is a boarder in their home. It was a wonderful time exalting Christ to two young men who at times were not sure of what awaits them after death or Judgment Day as they learned the Truth! They could see the gravity of their sin and became very quiet – their mouths stopped – as they realised they were not good people after they earlier declared their own goodness! These boys listened intently, and they have much to think about – which they agreed to do, examine all that was spoken. Brother Aziz also gave his testimony of coming out of Islam and being delivered from his drug-addictions when he met our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. I also shared  a testimony of my reprobate sin in sexual perversion and my drinking debauchery that our Great God saved me and delivered me from. Later on leaving, I left an open-ended invitation that they can contact me at anytime should they wish to speak “man things”, as Matthew’s dad is late, and also if they have any questions pertaining to God’s Word. Please keep these young men in prayer for God’s Salvation and also for sister Kay to be given God’s grace in strength, wisdom and understanding to raise her son in the fear of the LORD!

During the late morning, we also came across a Masonic Lodge of Freemasonry – a wicked place I did not know existed in this residential area. There is a complex, presumably for the abode of Free Masons, named Russell Mews which is adjacent to the United Masonic Trust, which received a Gospel Tract in each post box. Standing outside these buildings on Assegai Place, I was compelled to exalt the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the roadside and we pray that God allowed some ears to hear the condition of wicked idolatrous men and the exaltation of our Lord Jesus Christ as we preached Christ and Him crucified! Praise be to God alone!

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 11 ~ February 26, 2013 (Photos 130-150)

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