Mission Act 1:8 ~ Days 8, 9 and 10

Day 8 ~ It was a really hot day and the only conversation had was with an ex-JW lady named Sibongila Ngcobo whilst waiting for her taxi on Murray Road, who saw the Light and converted to following the one True God Jesus Christ our Lord. Hallelujah!!

Day 9 ~ Fetched brother Aziz Ebrahim from Northdale as we continued in the Hayfields suburb. Placed Gospel tracts in post boxes and enjoyed some sweet fellowship whilst walking the streets. Ministered to a lady named Anna Botha from Oribi Village who said she is a believer. She has fallen on hard times. Our Lord provided for her today. All Glory to God alone!!

Day 10 ~ This afternoon my grandson Cee-Jay joined me in the suburb The Meadows. We decided to do some distribution of the Word before supper-time. Before leaving home, Cee-Jay (5) answered my asking him to join me with: “This will please Jesus!” The innocence of children – Praise God!! On Hereford Circle we met a Christian family – David, his wife Margo and their daughters Tristen and Justine – doing some late afternoon gardening. Spent some time in fellowship encouraging them in the Word to reach out to their neighbours and was also encouraged by them, too! This is a blessing when we can minister to one another even upon the streets. We eventually got home after sunset. Please pray for all persons who received a Gospel Tract and that God our Father will bring a fruitful harvest for His glory alone.

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 8 and 9 ~ February 22 and 23, 2013 (Photos 106-110) and Day 10 ~ February 25, 2013 (Photos 111-129)

Mission Act 1.8 Statistics 10


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