Mission Act 1:8 ~ Day 4

Today was a scorcher at 33°C (92°F) – it seemed hotter with the discomfit of the humidity – as this pilgrim armed with a backpack full of tracts and the wooden cross headed out to saturate another area of the Hayfields suburb.

On Dennis Road as the cross approached a house, out came a man, tattooed, long haired, earrings in both ears, soon to be found out that he is named Raven, protesting this cross-carrying-man coming to put “religious literature in his post box” seeing he doesn’t believe in the God  I do. He openly stated his position: “I am a Pagan, and I believe in father god and mother goddess and I look to the nature. I believe that we are reincarnated and we come back in another form. I tried Christianity before and it never worked for me. Since I have come to know father god and mother goddess I have found peace within myself.” This was the person my Lord and my God Jesus Christ (see John 20:28) had me witness to – or at least try to as he kept interrupting and going off on another tangent – a spirit of evil deception was taking him away from the Truth. Praise God He kept giving me Scripture and at one point Raven actually listened to what I had to say, but he went right back to referring to his pagan beliefs. He was not happy when I pointed out a ‘pentagram’ on a wooden shed in his yard and referred to it as a Satanic sign. He said something along the lines that I am misinformed and that the five points represents the five elements of earth, wind, fire, water and one other (?). What people will believe to satisfy their wicked and evil behaviour before their Creator God! Please pray for this deceived man. This encounter allowed correction to be brought against his pagan beliefs openly as the God of Creation was lifted up and we pray for the ears that heard the Truth being proclaimed on this quiet street in suburbia! Pray that hearts were opened. Praise be to God alone!

Please also check out the photograph journal by clicking the photo hereunder and do join us in praying for the souls reached that they will come to repentance and faith in our great God Jesus Christ the Righteous. Day 4 ~ February 14, 2013 (Photos 60-73)

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