2012 Royal Agricultural Show – Days 9 & 10

After taking a day off on Friday from the streets to seek and pray to our Father in Heaven, Brother Lungisa and I were ready and willing to go and reach the lost for our great King and Saviour Jesus Christ come the weekend. We knew there would be great idolatry taking place there these last two days. We were also joined by Thulani Mkhize and Jono Anderson to hand out Gospel Tracts on Saturday.

The 9th day – Saturday June 2nd – would be a long day with much preaching to the hordes of humanity frequenting the Show. The white male that said he was an “ex-christian” who converted to Islam (never a Christian to start with!) from day 5 was seen again and it was established that he was the man sending me text messages saying the Bible contradicts itself. His name is Brian and from the Holy Scriptures of the Bible we again refuted his fallacies that the qur’an is true text and showed him that our Lord Jesus Christ confirms that He is God. Brian again laid down the challenge even asking me if we would be willing to stand up before men and debate – we are not respecters of men as if we would not stand before them, is he serious – has he not noticed our God gives us courage and boldness to stand on the street sidewalks calling wicked and evil people to repentance toward their Creator God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ?

I also had an interesting conversation with a 21 year old named Dane, who was working at the Show and happened to pass by delivering some purchases, who said he is a Christian and he proudly showed me a word “testify” tattooed on his right forearm – which he says opens up conversations with people to share Jesus! He also said that just the other night while he was out with his friend enjoying a beer … “And when you were out there was the temptation of looking at girls with lust also there?” I enquired – “Yep!” We wonder when so-called christians relate their stories, why do they look (he also has a barbed stud piercing through his left eyebrow) and speak so much like the world???? Please keep this young man in prayer that he will come to a fruit-bearing repentance toward God Almighty!

And then there was an African man named Bembe, a prison warden, who has been told by his own brother to convert to Islam. After hearing the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and hearing that men follow after abominable religions that will cause them to go to hell, a dialogue was started on the street outside the Show grounds and while this man considered converting, he ended up saying he will not convert! Praise God.

It was also a day where our Lord strengthened us and fed us spiritually. Lungisa preached across the road at a pedestrian crossing as the people were coming from the parking area, where they would wait and get the Gospel of Law and Grace preached to them, and then they would proceed when the traffic light allowed them and get the continuation of the Gospel of Law and Grace preached again to them as they made their way to Gate 2 on the opposite side of the road – and a Gospel Tract was also awaiting them there. This lasted continually for about six and a half hours from about 10H30 to 17H00. Praise God for giving us the strength. What was also refreshing was when a beautiful blond-haired young girl, about eight or so, passing by with her mother commented: “You are so brave doing this.” Was this an angel sent from God to encourage us? – I responded along the lines, something like: “Thank you dear one, it is all God’s strength and courage that he gives us.”

Then onto the last day – day ten – although the Show was officially ended with all stalls closed, this Sunday there would be the Ukhozi FM music concert. We were at Gate 7. The wickedness and evil degradation of the South African youth and public in general was prevalent. Much drunkenness, perversity, girls dressed like whores – and girls so drunk they couldn’t stand – blasphemy against God in word and action was the order of the day. It was sickening and a stench to see this first-hand – what must it be like before our Holy and Sovereign God Almighty? But we rejoice that our Father God gave us boldness, courage, wisdom and strength to GO and preach to this abominable generation. It was more satisfying than sitting in a pew in a citadel this Sunday when we were a yard from the gates of Hell calling all to repentance and faith! We will put together a video which will show the wickedness that prevailed upon the earth here in Pietermaritzburg today! Enough said!!

Photos can be viewed Here.

Soli Deo Gloria

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