2012 Royal Agricultural Show – Day 6

This was another glorious day our Lord had given us to reach the masses with the Gospel of peace. It was a day when my heart went out to seeing many mentally challenged retarded children and adults.

Please keep the following groups of people in prayer for them to come to know the Truth by faith in the Person of our risen and glorified Lord Jesus Christ:

  • The school children and their teachers from Mfundwenhle Primary School;
  • The patients and staff members from the Fort Napier Mental Hospital;
  • The student boys from the Weston Agricultural College;
  • The children, teachers and minders from the Peter Pan Special School;
  • The children and adults, and their minders from the Sunfield Home for the mentally challenged in Howick; and
  • The Indian pensioners that travelled up from Phoenix near Durban.

Many other Show visitors received a Gospel Tract to examine themselves in light of God’s Truth. We thank our Father in Heaven for yet another day where He glorified Himself. We were mere vessels in His Hand.

Photos can be viewed Here.

Soli Deo Gloria

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