2012 Royal Agricultural Show – Day 3

On day three Sunday 27th we approached the waiting queues of people and gave them the “Are You Ready?” Gospel Tract to start off the day. Brother Lungisa then opened our day on the streets of Pietermaritzburg outside Gate 2 and preached an anointed sermon addressing man’s sin and the Grace God offers the sinner through our Lord Jesus Christ with much Scripture validating the mercy of God from His Holy Word!

I then read from the Gospel of John, chapters 14 through 20, to the droves of people piling in to “worship” man’s wares and activities on this Sunday. Many heard the Word of God proclaimed and then a self-confessing atheist heckled the preacher (one other woman had also heckled brother Lungisa calling the Word *#%^ during his preaching) and said he is an atheist. He was reminded that God does not believe in atheists as He knows He exists, but that this man will stand before the God of Creation that he now mocks. Some time thereafter, we were approached by a female security officer that told us we have no right to be preaching outside the Show Grounds. We did advise her that we are on public property, the pavement, which is not under Show Grounds’ jurisdiction. Well she threatened me with further action and sent out another security official who I reasoned with that we need to be advised of which law we are transgressing. We were told that we were upsetting their visitors to the Show. We advised them that we were just warning them of a Day of Judgment that they will appear at. I also advised the second official that the government has given us a constitution that allows freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and freedom of religion. To let others enjoy their so called freedoms and impose restrictions on us would be going back to the dark days of apartheid where we are being victimised now by restrictions. I did also advise the official that we had been here since Friday – now the third day – and no one has told us we cannot be here, in fact an official manning the gate on Saturday even said he is ‘one of us’ when I handed him a Gospel Tract. I asked to see this man, but he never arrived, but the chief of security who mentioned that he is a Christian, but told us we have no right to be occupying the pavement as the pavement belongs to the Show Grounds during the event days. I respectfully pointed out, at no time arguing aloud, that if we paid R45.00 to get into the Show we would most probably be welcomed to walk on these pavements and enter the Show premises, but because we are now reading the Bible we are not welcome here. This is a double standard. The chief official then said if we are still going to stay then he will have to contact the municipal police, although during our much discussion we had also pointed out that the traffic officials and SAPS Mounted Police Squad had at no time told us we were in violation of any law and they have seen us preaching for two and a bit days. Well we waited, and waited, and continued to wait, and no municipal police arrived. We do believe God moved in this situation, for which we thank and glorify Him! Sometime later we departed and went to another pre-arranged event.

At the Thembalihle Street Soccer event, the games only kicked-off at about midday, we arrived and I had a conversation with a man named Albert, a bricklayer by trade, who attends a local Roman Catholic church and who enjoys his beer. Lungisa also took some photographs of the games in progress and engaged some men in conversation. In a while, the situation started to get somewhat intimidating to me since the Gospel was now not the main topic of discussion between Albert and me, but whether I had money for him and other points of discussion. At one point I felt isolated, the only white man in this part of the township, and there appeared to be four men hedging me in, getting very close to my person. I was asking God to protect me and He gave an opportunity as I asked for a gap and went through it towards Lungisa who was standing with Gerald Jackson, a friend who invited us to this event. I said to Lungisa I am not comfortable being here and feel intimidated especially with all the alcohol that was being drunk, but the deciding factor was when I smelt the aroma of dagga. I know what these vices can do, being a wretched man who came out of the same evils, then sensing the moving of the Holy Spirit, I said I want to leave now. A few minutes later and we left. While we handed out some Gospel Tracts and spoke to a few men, we also should heed the need to be wise and discerning of certain situations. Even the apostle Paul (Saul) escaped being killed by being let down by the wall in a basket in Damascus to flee to Jerusalem (see Acts 9:23-25). I don’t know what would have happened to me personally – be killed? Be robbed? Maybe not that extreme, but I do believe the Holy Spirit lead me away. Another eventful day to the Glory of God!

Photos here.

Monday 28th May would be a rest day.

Soli Deo Gloria

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