2012 Royal Agricultural Show ~ Day 1

Today was the first day of the Royal Agricultural Society Show (and this day was also ‘Africa Day’ which wasn’t even noticed!). I arrived early after fetching 20,000 “Are You Ready?” Gospel Tracts from the printers at about 08H30 and was in position outside Gate 2 (the Main Entrance) after briefly sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a group of, what would appear to be, day labourers awaiting their access tickets. Today was a most wonderful day with God’s Hand orchestrating all that took place!

Some conversations that took place were with Sbu who refuted that the Bible is God’s Word, as it was written by men. I pointed him to 1 Peter 1:20,21 and also shared the analogy of him writing a love letter to a loved one, using a pen. Who wrote the letter? The pen? Or him, Sbu? Just as Sbu was the author of the love letter using a pen, so God the Author of His Word, the Bible, used men (as the instruments) to divinely record His Words as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is sixty-six love letters to us! While engaging Sbu in dialogue across a walkway, the foot traffic got to hear the Word of God being proclaimed.

A young girl reading our “Are You Ready?” Gospel Tract.

I met a couple named David and Norine Adey who shared the same vision of home-fellowship coming out of the ‘church-building’ teachings of men. God is truly shaking the foundations of men made traditions that do not fit with His Scripture. For a time I have wondered if I was going to go crazy for holding to home-fellowship or going out into the township-communities to have Church, and being alone, but I am now encouraged that there is a remnant here in Pietermaritzburg that also home-fellowship. We are trusting our Lord is leading us into fellowship!

I was later joined by brother Lungisa Zondi and we had some wonderful Church fellowship with believers and teaching from the Word of God outside Gate 2. Who says we have to go to a building to have Church? We also met brother Warren Schultz for the first time who also shared his testimony of the work God has done in his life. He was a bouncer at a nightclub known as Crowded House (in 2008) in Pietermaritzburg and also was a debt-collector. The nightclub was the same place I used to frequent as a wretched sinner myself and was delivered from that life style (in December 2004) by my faith in Jesus Christ through His Grace. It is the same club that Jesse Boyd and Ricky Springer joined me in preaching outside on their way to Nepal via South Africa when they visited us in KwaZulu-Natal last winter (2011).

We also had many other encouraging conversations and we shared the Gospel with five Grade 8 St. Charles scholars opening the conversation with the curved illusion icebreakers. They were believers in Jesus Christ and it was an edifying session with them encouraging them to share the Gospel with their friends.

From L – R : Stephen Southway, Chris Hardie, Gary Crous, Andrew Hardie, Simon Krone and James Patrick.

Other conversations also took place with Lou-Jeane and Richo. Had an opportunity also to preach the Gospel using the Scripture Matthew 12:40 that this is the sign given of the prophet Jonas – this is the true Jesus Christ you need to believe upon:

For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. ~ Matthew 12:40

This was truly an amazing and God ordained day with many Gospel tracts handed out, too. You can also view the photos on Facebook in this Album. A video will be compiled, Lord willing, at the end of the ten-day evangelism outreach. Please keep all in prayer who heard and received the Word of God today.

Please keep us in prayer.

Soli Deo Gloria

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