Cars in the Park 2012

Headed out to Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg to the annual Cars in the Park event to hand out Gospel Tracts, engage people in one-2-one conversations and to lift up the Name of Jesus Christ in the public arena. Please keep a car-guard by the name of Wilfred in prayer who received the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked that I contact him to share the Good News with his friends and family at his home in Unit 13 Imbali. We will make arrangements to call on his home soon. Also had a very thought-provoking conversation with a Chubb Alarms officer named Clive – please remember him in prayer, too. He told me that he has had three near death experiences. I challenged him that it is possible God wants him to hear this message. Please also keep the Muslim garage attendant handing out pamphlets in prayer – he heard the Truth!

I was later joined by Jono Anderson who brought some more Gospel tracts just as I started to run out. This day was all to the Glory of God. Great and merciful is our Living God – YHVH!

Please pray for all that heard and received the Word of God on this past Sunday May 20, 2012.

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  1. Praise God. I pray that many heard the word of truth.

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