Newsletter 2012 ~ 01

Dear Brethren, family and friends

Since our last correspondence sent to you by the ministry, being the YEAR 2011 IN REVIEW (31st December 2011), we give God all the glory that we are now able to confirm and advertise the following Gospel Tracts for sale to Church groups, missionaries, evangelists and street preachers alike here in Southern Africa.

These are exciting times and there are still other projects underway, which when completed we will notify you of their availability.

The following items are now available, and subject to print, and the prices listed exclude postage which will be calculated subject to the order:

YOUR LIFE: GOD’s SOLUTION TO YOUR RELIGION (English 001 – Blue cover) is a 16-page A7 Booklet that presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Scripture and diagram form. The springboard is from Psalm 115 dealing with idolatry before God Almighty. (IsiZulu translation also available shortly)

R18.00 (per pack of 10)


CREATION vs EVOLUTION – DO NOT LET DARWIN MAKE A MONKEY OUT OF YOU is a 20-page A7 Booklet that deals extensively with quotes from renowned thinkers and Christian ministries (with accreditation and web-links) debunking the theory of evolution. It is ideal for outreaches into schools and universities.

R20.00 (per pack of 10)


TEN GRAND money bill tract which asks the “Ten Grand Question” on the reverse side, and then presents the Law and the Gospel of Grace. This is a 360th Anniversary: 1652 ~ 2012 edition that commemorates the landing of Jan Van Riebeeck at the Cape of Good Hope on 6th April 1652.

R80.00 (per pack of 100)


There is also a “One Million Pound” tract that is at the printers being finely tuned. We will also be working shortly on a “Your Day in Court” tract. Please also send us your suggestions as to what you would like to use when sharing the Gospel, and we will see how we can join you in bringing the ideas to fruition.

We sincerely hope you will partner with us in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people groups of South Africa and beyond, and we also look forward to labour with you in our Lord’s harvest field for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

Kindly do consider donating to this cause both prayerfully and financially to cover the initial costs of getting the first batch of tracts out there.

Until the nets are full, for the Glory of God and the Testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever more,

In Christ’s Service,


To order please E-mail your requests.

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