Praise Jesus

Yesterday, Friday September 2nd, 2011, I ventured into the city streets to hand out Gospel tracts and proclaim the Word of God in the public arena. I found myself on the corner of Church Street and Commercial Road handing out Christian literature and attempting to raise my voice in public preaching. Only a few people were taking the material and mostly were not paying any notice of the Word being shared. It was like: “Father, what is wrong here?” Then I knew I was in the wrong place.

I proceeded away from the traffic light at the intersection and walked down Church Street towards the Public Library and found where our Lord Jesus truly wanted me. I learned that it was that the Lord wanted me not to be on the street corner, but engaging certain individuals in one-2-one and small group conversations.

It was truly a blessed time. The first person was a young man selling MTN Starter Packs. I approached him and asked how business was. He said it was slow, so I took the opportunity to engage him in conversation. Meet Andile who was very receptive to the Law and the Gospel of Truth as he listened intently and even asked how to get right with God. It was a wonderful time pointing Andile to Jesus the Christ. He got the message, and promised to pray to God before he went to bed. I hope he followed up on that promise …

Next up was a group of young African boys and girls “chilling-out” in a group of about 15 or so. I approached them and started a conversation with the group which lead on to me asking them if they ever considered what happens to people when they die, and what do they think was in store for each of them. Some said they were going to “Heaven,” others said “Hell” and there was one girl who seemed to be the loud mouth amongst them. We have all known groups to have one particular person or two to be loud and obnoxious, and this group had just such a one. My conversation then was directed to her (never got her name) and in time the Law stopped her mouth as Scripture tells. At the time all were also joking and some really listened intently, but by the time we were dealing with the real issues that they “were headed for Hell” they started sobering to this very fact. Not any longer were they boisterous, but reflecting on the reality of the True Gospel as I expounded upon the Gospel of Grace and pointed them to our Saviour Jesus Christ, exalting Him. They were eager to take the “Blunt Truth” booklets from me, and there was also a Seventh Day Adventist that got the full Good News that she does not have to hold to a day to be saved, but that she needs Jesus Christ to save her from her sin and the wrath of God. Please pray for the group of youngsters that Almighty God knows each by name to work upon their hearts and bring forth fruit of repentance towards Him.

Next up was a group of African male scholars who at first appeared to not want to hear about the Good News of Christ Jesus, but the Holy Spirit brought conviction as they started listening and some asking questions. They knew they were sinning against a Holy, Just and Sovereign God. One young man was very much following after his traditions of ancestral worship. All have been warned and are without excuse. Please pray for Sbonela, Sandile, Nhakahipho and Luyanda.

The Lord was graciously leading me to youngsters that I hope will repent. Then there were three young girls waiting for a lift home. The youngest girl of the trio – whose mother they were waiting for – was “Princess”, and truly she was a ‘little princess’ – so sweet and beautiful. She told me that at home she tells her parents that Jesus Christ is the only way. They attend a Methodist Church, but then I asked about ancestral worship. Princess then told me that she is forced to follow the traditions at home of her grandparents and I pleaded with her to stand on the convictions of her belief in Jesus Christ alone. While pleading with her I was unaware her mother had arrived and was standing slightly behind me to my right as I pleaded with her daughter, and then I turned to see her. I was moved to tears to plead with the mother not to teach her young child wrong things. I pleaded with her to repent and to trust in Christ alone, and she said I shouldn’t interfere with their traditions. God allowed me to plead with her to not follow the traditions. I do trust that God will work upon their hearts and the “little Princess” I pray will be a light in their home. They left with Gospel literature and the Word of Truth ringing in their ears.

To conclude this day out in the “wilderness”, God graciously had me preach atop the stairs in front of the Public Library to many scholars hanging around and to parents waiting around. It was wonderful seeing many stop to hear the Preaching of the Truth of God and openly request Gospel literature on offer. And then there was also a rebuke to a young girl making a mockery of the Maritzburg College (boys’ school) school uniform and drawing much attention to herself. The clothing was soliciting adultery. Pray that she and her male friend will repent and believe upon the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Praise Jesus.


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