Jesse and Ricky En-route to Nepal

Brothers Jesse Boyd and Ricky Springer of Full Proof Gospel Ministries came to Southern Africa en-route to Kathmandu in Nepal, India. After they had spent time proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Olieven Township in Gauteng they moved on to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and then back to Johannesburg, South Africa (Read Hailing from Africa by Jesse Boyd). It was at this time, that they came to spend a week at my home in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal from Sunday evening June 26th.It was a blessing to labour with the brethren as we went and spent a wind-swept and icy stay at Sani-Tops in Sani Pass, Lesotho. The Gospel was taken to the Basotho villagers and Sesotho tracts were handed out and winter socks were given to the villagers, too, as a gift from Jesse and Ricky. After an eventful night where the temperature plummeted to an icy -6 to -10 degree centigrade where we slept in a backpackers’ kitchen in our sleeping bags, we returned after we had spent the Tuesday morning bagging a peak.

Gary Crous (preaching), Vincent Piater, Ricky Springer and Kelsey Piater

On returning to South Africa on June 28th, we spent the remainder of the week proclaiming the Gospel in Pietermaritzburg at a bus shelter and outside the ‘Crowded House’ nightclub and upon the streets during late hour foot-traffic, then onto Howick at a taxi rank and upon the streets outside a shopping centre where predominantly Muslim shop owners heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Saviour and then onto the Howick Falls where Jesse preached to a group of young schoolgirls on what would appear an excursion – praise God. We also attended a Friday evening ekklesia meeting in Westville with Peter and Catherine McGregor at their home. At the gathering of believers we also met up with Vincent and Kelsey Piater and their brother Jeremy Piater who all had travelled down from Empangeni in Northern-KZN (Zululand) and a lovely Indian family who had recently come into fellowship at the McGregor’s home and another sister in Christ. Later that evening, the Southern-boys, the Piaters and I went and preached the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ outside the ‘Bonkers Nightclub’ to groups of rowdy and drunk teenagers. Many tracts were handed out and many conversations were also had with some comprehending partygoers who truly wanted to hear more.

Ricky Springer outside 'Bonkers Nightclub', Durban

On Saturday July 2nd we hit the beach front and preached outside Joe Kool’s Pub and Restaurant and later that evening at the Durban July Horse race event’s after-party. Jesse had the privilege of having beer poured over him, but the preaching went forth to the after-party revellers. They had just spent their day in drunkenness and covetousness with their gambling. Many tracts were handed out and conversations were also had all to the Glory of God Almighty. Later the evening we went for a fellowship meal in Morningside (?) and we came across a car-guard who had been stabbed in the back. It would appear that this had something to do with xenophobia as the guy who had been stabbed was from outside of South Africa. After assisting with the calling of an ambulance and Jesse sharing the Gospel with the group of car-guards gathered around the injured man, we enjoyed good fellowship and some delicious pizza.

Jesse Boyd (preaching) and Vincent Piater witnessing to two Ugandans on Durban Beachfront

Sunday July 3rd we went back to the beachfront and preached Christ to the hordes of people out on the promenade. It would appear that there were many Muslims present. Many, many tracts were handed out, engaging one-2-one witnessing conversations were had, and solid Christ glorifying preaching of the Gospel of Salvation, the preaching of the Kingdom of God went forth. Despite some trials that Jesse encountered on Sunday evening, he had also taken ill with a fever, that with prayer to our mighty God, medication and a night of rest his fever broke and Monday morning early on July 4th our brothers were on their next leg of their journey to Nelspruit. It was a sad day seeing them depart, but the Gospel must go forth for the Glory of God.

Here is a video of ‘Down in Africa’:

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