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The Luke 9:23 Evangelism ministry has registered a Close Corporation and opened an account to assist our South African brethren in purchasing Living Waters USA tracts, books, Bibles, CDs and DVDs here at home. Other ministries’ biblical products will also be added to the on-line store in time to come. Michael Rogers of Living Waters Africa has been led of our LORD to plant a church and has as a result discontinued in the operation of the LW ministry here in South Africa. Shortly after the World Cup 2010 outreach I felt led of the Spirit to approach Michael and see if he would be continuing with Living Waters Africa. The history is that Michael told me that he would be discontinuing the LW ministry and as it was, I approached Ray Comfort to become a distributor of Living Waters products here in South Africa, which was during the latter part of 2010. Living Waters USA has kindly accommodated our request and we are now distributors of their products here in South Africa, working alongside them in reaching the lost world with Christ. We pray this ministry will also extend into Africa, as the LORD directs.

The online -store (still under construction) is still in its infancy and we are trusting in the providence of GOD to lead this ministry as He wills. For the time being this ministry will cater to our Christian brethren solely within the boundries of South Africa and will operate under the ministry name, which is now a registered Close Corporation, under South African Law (CIPRO), as follows:



The aforementioned ministry account has been set up for the handling of Gospel material to be purchased by the local ekklesia for distribution during their endevours of evangelising lost souls. This account is a “for profit” account to finance the Luke 9:23 Evangelism ministry in purchasing much more material from the USA (bear in mind the exchange rate of approximately R7.00 to the US$) to reach a wider field of lost souls, as the LORD directs, with planned missions. The time is also right where I will be leaving my present employment to follow my LORD and His appointed vocation for me.

Please support the LORD JESUS’ work to further His Kingdom.

In Christ’s service,

Gary Crous

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