Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

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“Whatever effort people make to be religious or to pray, until they believe in Christ, God is under no obligation to keep them for a moment from eternal destruction.”

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Upon reading his sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) would observe people weeping, crying, falling down in repentance, and crying out to God for forgiveness. Pastor of First Church of Northampton, Massachusetts, Edwards was a leader in the First Great Awakening with George Whitefield. Being dismissed from his pulpit, Edwards became a missionary and later president of the College of New Jersey (Princeton University).

These classic messages of Jonathan Edwards include:

  • The Final Judgment
  • Justification by Faith (2 sermons)
  • Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • God, the Best Portion of the Christian
  • The Preciousness of Time and the Importance of Redeeming It
  • The Excellency of Christ
  • Christians – a Chosen Generation; a Peculiar People; a Royal Priesthood; a Holy Nation

For more than two centuries, Jonathan Edwards’ messages have brought conversion, hope, and spiritual awakening to the generations.

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