World Cup Outreach ~ Warren’s Report

We were joined by our brother and sister in Christ, spouses Warren and Sandra Joubert from Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng, who joined us on our first day at the Slovenia vs. USA match at Ellis Park, Johannesburg. They also joined us on a few other occasions including our trip to the Soweto Township Fan Park. Here is Warren’s report:

The World cup outreach has been a fantastic experience for my wife Sandra and myself. The Lord’s providence has been overwhelming in the last few weeks, and I am always reminded of how, if we are obedient to Him and carry out his command to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, although the fear that grips us might seem overwhelming, the joy He gives us in His grace makes this fear seem insignificant.

It was great also to meet like-minded evangelists. Gary, Bill, Tim, Jason, Vincent and Willem were a great encouragement to us. We have never had any significant exposure to working with fellow evangelists, the Lord has just given us training through listening to many hours of Way of the Master Radio and material through Living Waters, so it was heartening to see these other guys carrying out the Lord’s work. Furthermore, both my wife and myself had many great and wonderful witnessing opportunities at the matches, and we thank the Lord for these, and we pray, that if it is His will, that He will use His Holy Spirit to bring these people to conviction and salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

Sandra Joubert's debut proclaiming the Law and the Gospel of Grace in public

One more little add on. Our Lord has a great way of making us eat our words. I remember once saying to my wife “I could never speak to anyone about Jesus.” Well that statement was crushed by the Lord many a moon ago. However, one fairly recent one was “I will never open air preach, I simply cannot do it.” Well, through the Lord’s strength, encouragement from my brothers in Christ and seeing my wife do it before me, I overcame my fear and “broke the sound barrier.” Praise the Lord, and I pray that He continues to use this new ability He has given my wife and myself to have the honour of publicly proclaiming His Gospel in our local community.

Warren Joubert also proclaimed the Law and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the passing soccer fans

Thanking my fellow brothers in Christ, Gary, Bill, Tim, Jason, Vincent, Willem, my wife Sandra, and above all, the Lord God Almighty, for allowing us to share in this wonderful privilege.

Warren Joubert.

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