Summer4Souls™ Train Ministry in the Cape Peninsula

As part of our on-going outreach campaign, we have decided to dedicate the 1st Saturday of each month specifically to train ministries. By this we mean we will board the Metro train at a particular location and proceed to preach the gospel, hand out tracts to passengers, and have the Project Ezra scripture readings on the trains.

Thus, our first trip will be this Saturday , February 6th. We will congregate at Retreat Station at 9am and take the next available train to Cape Town Station. After a short break, we will catch a return train back to Retreat Station. The entire outreach journey should take about 3 hours max. (Hopefully , Metrorail will stay true to form and the coach breaks down in the middle of the journey!)

Please let Nigel Titus know if you would like to attend – We’d like to be in a position to know who’s gonna do what on each leg of the trip. Please also (more importantly), PRAY PRAY PRAY!

God Bless!

Nigel Titus

Cellular 083 642 4454

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