Praise Report ~ Summer4Souls™ Muizenberg & Sunrise Circle beach

The following Praise Report was written by Brother Nigel Titus for Sunday January 10, 2010 ~

With this past week end being the last of the school vacation, we anticipated major crowds at the beaches in and around Cape Town, with beach goers hoping to enjoy the last bit of their holiday before heading back to work & school.

Determined not to let the moment pass us by, we got a team together and headed out to one of our favorite fishing holes, Muizenberg & Sunrise Circle beach. We were joined by two new brothers who had heard of our fishing expeditions and desired to labour with us in the field. By the grace of God, we are thankful that our “core” team of evangelists and like minded brothers and sisters is steadily increasing with each new adventure we have! Praise God!

After praying and agreeing on a plan of action, we proceeded to open air preach and witness at the Sunrise Circle flea market to the hundreds of bargain hunters roaming the area. The loud preaching and proclamation immediately draw the attention of many, who paused their routine activity to pay attention to what the “preachers”, one by one, were declaring and reading from the Bible. Many voiced their disapproval and anger in no uncertain terms, especially the tenants who felt we were interfering with their customer base. We just ignored them and continued to preach and hand out tracts, and I’m thrilled to say that each one of the group confidently and boldly declared the Word of God to the masses! Our preaching focused primarily on the subject of death and what happens after someone dies. The interesting thing is that even though Muizenberg is a great “come together” place, with its clean beaches and feel good vibe, the local cemetery is just a few minutes away. We used this quite frequently when reminding people that the “pleasures of sin” are but for a season, but there’s coming a day when we all have to make that trip down the road. It worked!

When we were nearly done, we were approached by “officialdom” and requested to halt our proceedings as we did not have a “permit” J . After some peaceful negotiation, we were allowed to finish our preaching for the day, but were politely requested, that in the event of future preaching, that we move our “preaching location” a few meters away ( off the official flea market area) to appease the tenants that were complaining. After consideration, we decided it was not a battle worth fighting as our new “proposed” location would not hamper our attempts to draw the crowds. Interestingly enough, “officialdom” conceded that they could not prevent us in engaging in “one2one” witnessing conversations with the potential customers, or handing out tracts for that matter. Whatever!

Despite all this, there were many in the crowd who stayed the entire hour and a half and listened attentively to the preaching without moving an inch. About 4 or 5 actually called us over to talk to them privately about what they had just heard being preached, and we gladly shared with them out of the Bible the truth about Hell and God’s righteous judgment. One fellow was intensely convicted, to the point of weeping when I went through the 10 commandments with him. Please pray for Colin Charles, a Durbanite, that God might save him. There were many others who gladly received tracts and were willing to discuss the state of their souls.

We are also thankful that God connected us to some tourists from the Philippines who are also heavily engaged in outreach work and happened to be shopping at the flea market that day. They were really encouraged by our ministering and promised to pray for us and thanked us for having the boldness to share our faith. They actually videotaped some of the preaching and said they would be showing the footage to their church back home as inspiration and motivation for the rest of their congregation. All Glory to God who is setting the church on fire!

After another hour or so of witnessing and preaching on the beach, the weary but satisfied team returned with more testimonies and praise reports. Although the voices were practically shot (!) , and the limbs and bodies tired from the trip, there was a wonderful sense of “ We need to come back soon!” kind of spirit and attitude in the camp! As they say, so many souls, so little time!

The photos can be viewed at this slideshow and this gallery.

Until the next trip!


Nigel Titus

Cellular 083 642 4454

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