2010 FIFA World Cup Final™ Fixtures

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Final™ Fixtures have been compiled under each of the nine host cities so that the evangelists can start making plans for the days of each match and also those days when matches will not be played. The information provided is City, Date, Group / Match, Kick-off Time and Teams competing.

Please start praying, praying and praying some more for wisdom and God’s leading for each match to take place, Lord willing, and how we are to be used of the Lord Jesus to reach the lost with the Law and the Gospel of Divine Grace.

Lord willing, pray and start setting aside the days, making reservations and getting your passports in order with visas. We hope to see you there on the streets and at the stadia …

▸ Group Matches

11 June A 16h00 South Africa vs. Mexico
14 June E 13h30 Netherlands vs Denmark
17 June B 20h30 Argentina vs Korea Republic
20 June G 20h30 Brazil vs. Côte d’Ivoire
23 June D 20h30 Ghana vs. Germany
▸ Round of 16
27 June 2 20h30 Winner Group B vs. Runner-Up Group A
▸ Quarter-Final
02 July A 20h30 1 vs. 3
11 July 20h30 Winner I vs. Winner II

▸ Group Matches

12 June B 13h30 Argentina vs. Nigeria
15 June G 20h30 Brazil vs. Korea DPR
18 June C 16h00 Slovenia vs. USA
21 June H 20h30 Spain vs. Honduras
24 June F 16h00 Slovakia vs. Italy
▸ Round of 16
28 June 7 20h30 Winner Group G vs. Runner-Up Group H
▸ Quarter-Final
03 July D 20h30 6 vs. 8

▸ Group Matches
11 June A 20h30 Uruguay vs. France
14 June F 20h30 Italy vs. Paraguay
18 June C 20h30 England vs. Algeria
21 June G 13h30 Portugal vs. Korea DPR
24 June E 20h30 Cameroon vs. Netherlands
▸ Round of 16
29 June 8 20h30 Winner Group H vs. Runner-Up Group G
▸ Quarter-Final
03 July B 16h00 2 vs. 4
▸ Semi-Final
06 July I 20h30 A vs. C

▸ Group Matches
12 June B 16h00 Korea Republic vs. Greece
15 June G 16h00 Côte d’Ivoire vs. Portugal
18 June D 13h30 Germany vs. Serbia
21 June H 16h00 Chile vs. Switzerland
23 June C 16h00 Slovenia vs. England
▸ Round of 16
26 June 1 16h00 Winner Group A vs. Runner-Up Group B
▸ Quarter-Final
02 July C 16h00 5 vs. 7
10 July 20h30 Loser I vs. Loser II

▸ Group Matches
12 June C 20h30 England vs. USA
15 June F 13h30 New Zealand vs. Slovakia
19 June D 13h30 Ghana vs. Australia
22 June A 16h00 Mexico vs. Uruguay
24 June E 20h30 Denmark vs. Japan
▸ Round of 16
26 June 3 20h30 Winner Group C vs. Runner-Up Group D

▸ Group Matches
13 June C 13h30 Algeria vs. Slovenia
17 June A 13h30 France vs. Mexico
22 June B 20h30 Greece vs. Argentina
24 June F 16h00 Paraguay vs. New Zealand

▸ Group Matches
13 June D 16h00 Germany vs. Australia
16 June H 16h00 Spain vs. Switzerland
19 June E 16h00 Netherlands vs. Japan
22 June B 20h30 Nigeria vs. Korea Republic
25 June G 16h00 Portugal vs. Brazil
▸ Round of 16
28 June 5 16h00 Winner Group E vs. Runner-Up Group F
▸ Semi-Final
07 July II 20h30 B vs. D

▸ Group Matches
13 June D 20h30 Serbia vs. Ghana
16 June A 20h30 South Africa vs. Uruguay
19 June E 20h30 Cameroon vs. Denmark
23 June C 16h00 USA vs. Algeria
25 June H 20h30 Chile vs. Spain
▸ Round of 16
29 June 6 16h00 Winner Group F vs. Runner-Up Group E

▸ Group Matches
14 June E 16h00 Japan vs. Cameroon
17 June B 16h00 Greece vs. Nigeria
20 June F 13h30 Slovakia vs. Paraguay
22 June A 16h00 France vs. South Africa
25 June H 20h30 Switzerland vs. Honduras
▸ Round of 16
27 June 4 16h00 Winner Group D vs. Runner-Up Group C

▸ Group Matches
16 June H 13h30 Honduras vs. Chile
20 June F 16h00 Italy vs. New Zealand
23 June D 20h30 Australia vs. Serbia
25 June G 16h00 Korea DPR vs. Côte d’Ivoire

A more precise Newsletter will follow in due course containing more details. If you have any questions you can also contact –

Nigel Titus (located in Cape Town)
Cellular 083 642 4454

Gary Crous (located in Pietermaritzburg / Durban)
Cellular 072 221 1233

2 Responses

  1. Yes, we are taking a team from TN, KN, FL, and Northern Ireland to reach out to World Cup participants in South Africa in the Mpumalangua venue. We can utilize the one million dollar bills and other materials for sure. Our target time will be the first half of June.

    Lon Chenowith

    • Thank you Lon for your obedience to the LORD. Keep visiting back to the blog for updates, or else subscribe to this blog to be kept up to date.

      In Christ’s service,
      Gary Crous

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