Praise Report ~ Summer4Souls™ Outreach in Cape Town

This Praise Report is written by Brother Nigel Titus.

Yesterday, evangelists and like minded Christians heeded the Macedonian call and descended upon Muizenberg to preach the gospel and engage strangers with one2one witnessing encounters. Amongst the team were three new faces, eager to do their bit to obey the Great Commission. After the day’s events, they gave their verbal commitment to support us in our future evangelism endeavors. Praise God for adding to the team!

 God graciously granted us a beautiful, sunny day with just a hint of a fresh breeze blowing. The type of weather that is just PERFECT for preaching the gospel and doing open air preaching. Not that we shouldn’t be preaching when its freezing cold and raining!…. It’s just that good weather typically draws good crowds to a beach venue such as Muizenberg, so we thank God for that! 

And boy, did we get good crowds. The place was literally swarming with people and beach-goers looking to have a good time. The demographic make-up was distinctly cosmopolitan, with people of all races, colors , and languages converging on the tourist hot-spot to enjoy the sunshine with their friends and family. The fact that it was a national public holiday in South Africa also contributed to the extraordinary turnout of the masses.

As per our plan, the team started at the Sunrise Circle flea market just after lunch time and proceeded to engage people about the state of their souls and their eternal destination. We initially encountered a bit of resistance from those shopping at the flea market, but after we set up our video equipment, people voluntarily came forward to talk about their faith, their understanding what Christmas was all about and the state of their souls. Cape Town people simply love attention and the mere possibility of being on TV will cause them to zoom in on the camera-man and interviewer! By the grace of God, we managed to record about 4 or 5 good interviews which we hope to edit and upload to our web-page soon.

As the interviewer, my strategy was basically two-fold. I would either use the pending Christmas Day celebrations as a springboard for to talk about the Law and the Gospel. Typical questions ( with some of the answers received in brackets) included :

 “ What important day are we celebrating on the 25th of December?”  (answers would be Christmas / Day Jesus was born)

“ Are YOU celebrating Christmas this year?”  (Yes / Definitely / Of course)

“ What is the meaning of Christmas / Why do we celebrate Christmas? (Time to spend with family and friends / Celebrating the day Jesus was born)

“ Why do you think Jesus was born? For what reason was He born? (not too many answers on this one)

At this point, I took them to the Bible in Matthew and showed them that when the angel appeared to Joseph, he was told to name the baby JESUS, because he will save his people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21) 

This then gave me an opportunity to ask people what their understanding of the word SIN was (transgression of the Law), and enabled us to direct the conversation to the Law and the 10 Commandments, and leading up to grace. 

The overwhelming message we left with each person was that Christmas was not simply about spending time with family and friends, or having good food to eat on that day, or receiving great gifts. Christmas is far more significant, the message of Christmas is about SALVATION, and our eternal destinies. Praise God that He allowed us to have some great interviews with members of the crowd! 

Another strategy we used was the fact that the public holiday was called The Day Of Reconciliation – we reminded sinners of their need to be reconciled to God, considering that fact that the bible described them as ENEMIES of God (Romans 5:10). This approach worked really well as many people never considered that God could actually be their adversary and was storing up wrath for them for the day of judgment. We reminded people about how GREAT and MIGHTY and POWERFUL our God is, and that it really is a very bad idea to be on opposing sides of Jehovah God!

After about an hour or so, we proceeded with the Project Ezra readings and open air preaching. Many stopped with their shopping activities to pay attention to us and hear what these “guys on the box” were shouting. This gave a golden opportunity to the rest of us not preaching to engage the crowd and hand out tracts. Many people we spoke to were grateful for the witnessing encounters. 

After another hour or so of preaching, we proceeded to the main beach promenade area where we once again encountered an absolute deluge of people soaking up the sun. We chose the overhead bridge overlooking the beach to do our preaching and stop the many surfers and beach-goers to hand out tracts and challenge them on their current belief system and also to present the gospel. We stopped many young people moving in groups, and once we handed out the million $ bill to one of them, the rest of the group predictably also wanted one which opened up the door to preach and warn young people in groups of 10 at a time. This also generated curiosity from other passer by’s who stopped to listen and we handed out tracts to them as well.

Team from L to R: Back Row – Donovan Nelson, Vernon Wagner, Timothy Brown, Nigel Titus. Front row – Riedewaan Samodien, Curtis Mathey.

After about 4 hours or so of non-stop witnessing, open air ministering and handing out tracts, the weary but satisfied team took some time out at the local KFC where we shared our individual witnessing encounters and encouraged one another.

We thank God that when it comes to evangelism, the results are in God’s hands! We just have to be faithful to preach the gospel, the true Biblical gospel with a loving and compassionate heart, and not to worry about the outcome as salvation ultimately belongs to the LORD!

We thank God for an amazing time, and looking forward to our next trip!

You can view the photographs from the outreach at this slideshow.

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