First John Preaching on July 4th

As part of the Project Ezra challenge to open-air street preachers / evangelists, on the 4th July 2009 the Scriptures to be read was the Book of First John and to preach the Law and the Gospel of Grace.

1 John  - Preaching 042

From the photos at the following link, please look at the faces of the people who passed by and those that lingered and others who stopped to listen. The photos are in number order and from first photo (#001) to last (#055) the reading and preaching took about 45 minutes. You will see my son Chad handing out my last few tracts and his brother Jason, who was asked to capture as many peoples’ reactions, was busy taking the photos. Notice how long – from frame to frame – some people stayed to hear the Awesome Word of God.

Glory to our King Jesus.

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