Cars In The Park

This past Sunday May 17, I ventured to this annual event that takes place literally on my doorstep in Pietermaritzburg. In the past I, too, went to this event to socialise and satisfy my flesh, but now I see this event through new eyes — through the eyes of an evangelist. This is an evangelism opportunity for the drawn crowds.

Here is the tract designed specifically for the crowds who would come out today…


Welcome to Cars in the Park 2009. Today, as with any other day, you have decided to exercise your freedom and to decide how you will spend this day. You might have risen later than normal today and planned this outing on the ‘spur of the moment’, or today might have been planned by you well in advance. But, how free are you really? Do you really have true freedom? The Bible says that you are a slave to sin … so how can you think you are free indeed?

Today there is also judging that will take place to determine which automobiles will be judged to receive the first, the second and the third prizes. (please read the reverse side …)

Gary Crous +27 72 221 1233

(Reverse Side)
However, there is another Judgment Day that has been set aside in the future when Almighty God will judge each and every person with a perfect Law which will not grade people on a slide rule. People tend to think about everything else including attending a ‘Cars in the Park’ event than giving thought about their eternal destiny. Reality is 150 000 people die every 24 hours and if today you had to die as a slave of your sins where do you think you would spend eternity? Will you be good enough for God to let you into Heaven? Most people profess to be good, but by what standard are they basing their goodness on? What about you? To truly see if you are a good person you must use a more perfect standard to judge yourself by looking into the perfect moral Law of Almighty God. This Law is the Ten Commandments. Here goes … How many lies have you told in your life? Half-truths, fibs, white lies? A lie is a lie and by definition God sees you as a liar. Stolen something? The size or value of the object matters not, and time does not excuse the crime. God sees you as a thief. Jesus said in old times it was said do not commit adultery, but I tell you whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:28). Ever looked with lust? Had sexual thoughts in your mind? Indulged in fornication (had sex outside the bounds of marriage)? Homosexuality? Porn? If this is you, God will judge you as an adulterer. Ever committed murder? God’s Word says hating someone is murder (1 John 3:15). Abortion is also the murder of unborn children. Ever used God or His Son Jesus’ name to show surprise or disgust? Like, “Oh my G-D!!” This is blasphemy and it is a serious offense in the sight of God. God also says you shall have no other gods (idols) before Him. Are you guilty of idolatry? Maybe your car is your object of worship! Or do you covet (crave) other peoples’ possessions? That is greed. If you have answered “yes” to any of these violations then God sees you as a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a murderer, a blasphemer, an idolater and a coveter. If God finds you guilty and judges you for every crime you have committed against Him, as He sees your every thought, intention of the heart, every word uttered and every deed done, even those in secret, and He gives you the justice you rightfully deserve on the Day of Judgment (Acts 17:31) as a lawbreaker, then will you go to Heaven or Hell? Any person in their right mind will know that breaking the Law demands a payment and God has assigned a place called Hell as His prison for vile sinners who have transgressed His Holy Law. That is the bad news. The Good News (The Gospel) is that God is so kind and merciful that He expressed His grace and love to sinners by choosing to reveal Himself in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. Fully God and fully Man and without sin, Jesus gave us the divine standard by which we are to live. He lay down His life for sinners and went to the cross to be punished by God’s righteous wrath. You broke God’s Law and Jesus took your punishment. Your life on earth is not a game to be played by your rules. God’s precious Son Jesus took your filthy sin upon Himself and made unmerited payment with His Holy blood. He died in your place as a curse when you deserve Hell. He resurrected to life defeating death and sin. God saves by offering free Grace so no man can boast. You are not good. God is so Good to want to save evil and wicked sinners from eternal damnation. God commands righteousness, not happiness. He commands holy living. Repent before God’s throne and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ by faith alone while you still have time. Jesus is the only way to be forgiven your sins (John 14:6). Without the Lamb of God Jesus’ precious blood your sins cannot be forgiven and you are damned.

The crowds were large this day, and if you have viewed this blog it is most probably because you were handed the above Gospel tract. Please do consider your eternal destiny. Cry out to God for His mercy upon your soul if you are not yet reconciled to Him.

These young persons are (l to r) Sarah, Ishmael, Donovan and Jason who travelled all the way from Johannesburg to attend the show — and they also received the preaching of the Law and the Gospel. The tract can be seen in their hands.

To each and every person who received a tract and was taken through the Good Person Test or engaged in conversation; God knows who you are and His children around the world are praying for your souls.

All the Glory be to God for another awesome day out fishing.

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