MTB World Cup 2009 ~ Day III

Sunday 12th April 2009

I awoke and after prayer and reading the Bible I went in a little later at 08H00 as there would be the following main events in the afternoon:

 • Women’s World Cup Downhill – Finals

 • Men’s World Cup Downhill – Finals

Today would be busy. Armed again with the remnant tracts from day two and a further thousand tracts I resumed the position at the main entrance. The crowds came and there were many repeat visitors who said they had already received tracts, but the Lord also brought new spectators that readily took the gospel message. There were even more compliments and encouragement from spectators and there were also those that did not want the tracts again, or refused to take it anew when told it was a gospel tract. Even as late as into the third day, the main coordinator Alec (from day one) came and asked me for a tract. Here he is in the red shirt walking to the main arena at the finish line. Back at the entrance the spectators kept arriving… And they continued to come in… Until they closed the ticket office as the men’s final was well underway. For the first time I decided to go in to see how many spectators there were and this is part of the crowd – just at the finish line to the downhill course, not including those out on the course… I did not stay for the whole final and did not see the local rider Greg Minnaar win, but I do hope a gospel tract found its way into his hands. I went out and found my van was parked in that I could not leave. This allowed me time to place tracts under the windscreen wipers on the vehicles in the parking area. I then returned to my vehicle where I was approached by Lovemore, a Zimbabwean who was selling his curio ware at the entrance to the car park. He approached me and asked me what I had. Before long, it allowed me time to proclaim the Law and the Gospel of Grace to him for which he was thankful. Please join me in prayer for Lovemore and the people that received tracts and heard the Law and the Gospel of Grace. Even if one person is redeemed, the host before the throne of our Heavenly Father will rejoice.

This was truly a most awesome weekend of time well spent in God’s vineyard, in His harvest field. To cap it all off I received a telephone call from a lady thanking me for putting the tract together, blessing me. This work is not for my praise. Everything was for God’s glory and that His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ will have His name exalted and He will receive praise and worship as He rightfully deserves.

For the record – especially for my “unknown woman heckler” – of the 3000 tracts printed I have only about 100 left which were not handed out. The rest will be handed out on the streets. God is Sovereign, Holy and Awesome.

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