MTB World Cup 2009 ~ Day II

Saturday 11th April 2009

Day two and the crowds picked up as the events for the day would be the following:

• World Cup Olympic Cross-country – Men Juniors
• World Cup Olympic Cross-country – Women Juniors
• World Cup Olympic Cross-country – Women Elite
• World Cup Olympic Cross-country – Men Elite
• World Cup 4X – Finals


The left over tracts from the day before together with a thousand more was what I was armed with this day at the main entrance outside the main ticket office. The Lord kept me while I served Him, by helping the staff at the gate and getting tracts into peoples’ hands. What was so encouraging was that although some people when offered a tract responded with a quick “No, I received one yesterday, thank you” it allowed me to quickly direct a question to them whether they had read both sides. Some had; some had not. It also allowed short dialogue within earshot of others as I implored them to please read both sides and see how they will have to stand before a Holy God. What was also encouraging was that some Christians thanked me for handing out tracts and they had read both sides. It is all glory to God that the Word was being shared.


 What I also thank the Lord for is that some friends of mine who are still in the world who I have not been in contact with since I became a child of God passed by me and I had the opportunity to get a tract into their hands. This was a blessing and I pray that they will read the tracts and if they visit this blog they will post a comment. I pray God will extend mercy to them and cause them to repent of their sin and trust in His Son the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


This day I was again heckled by the “unknown woman from day one” when she challenged me that I do not have permission from UCI to hand out my “religious material”. I kindly responded to her: “Who should I listen to – man or God?” She continued with her “Nobody wants your religious material” retort. To the woman heckler: If you view this at anytime, I am not angry at you for your comments, but I do hope you would enter into a proper dialogue and not heckle from a distance. The proof is by the end of day two; just short of two thousand tracts had been handed out. God is in control and He decides who accepts and who rejects the Gospel – O Father, thank you for allowing so many tracts to go forth, taking Your Word to those You have called.

It was yet another fruitful day for God’s glory and I thank our Lord Jesus for allowing me to be of service to Him. I was truly blessed to receive a text message today that read:

Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.”

God bless

I share this not to get praise for myself. I am nothing without Jesus. It is all the glory for God and His Son Jesus. It is a blessing to have brothers and sisters thinking about and praying for you and that this is truly a family affair, not a solo effort.

For me, this day came to a close about 16H30.

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